Stauer Jewelry and Watches

The Stauer company seems to have its roots firmly grounded in their love for vintage watch collections and jewelry. With an extensive experience recreating long time favorites from the golden era of watch design. Although they claim to be genuine old-time watches and jewelry lovers, their loyalty seems to lie on making what they call replicas affordable to the general public, but their taste might be questionable. Or so I thought as I looked through their website.

Stauer seems to use a lot of the old media to get to the heart of their customers, magazines and catalogs are their main sources of marketing and they don’t look like they enjoy investing on anything else, since their website seems a bit old fashioned and quite simple. One of the products they’ve been known for is the Dashtronic watches for men based on the 30’s style, when the principles of aerodynamics and streamlining filled everything electronic in an age so many technological items were just mere dreams or impossible visions. Their work do resemble a time of innocence in America and can appeal to the nostalgic hearts still clinging on to their memories or to whatever that time reminds them.

Their jewelry seems to be quite popular. Maybe because their lab-created stones can look and feel like the original thing, keeping the customer from leaving without having to turn in their life-long savings in order to get a ring or a simple necklace. But the somewhat tacky style of their pieces may not appeal to a younger generation, who might even stay away from their store just by hearing their name, for their reputation is vastly well-known.

What I like the most about their jewelry items is exactly the fact they do not use real stones and gems in most of their products. The high demand for real diamonds and many other rocks have turned Africa into a continent under a huge political and social cross fire all because of those preciousness and the profit they can generate. For such reason, many possible buyers would rather support a business that produces their own rocks than to spend millions with a real diamond that might have been taken from a conflict zone. That should count as a point in their favor.

Their Diamond Aura River of Love Necklace that comes with free earrings is the most popular piece in the feminine inventory, but their dowdy Ruby sets can be somewhat disastrous and keep hanging on their page forever, trying to find the courageous woman who would take it home. Pink stained lab-created gems and over the top yellow jewelry pieces can catch your eye, but they do not kidnap your ulterior motive. For obvious reasons!

They also have an extensive list of shop handbags, luggage and other leather goods. Their style might appeal to the type of women that is on the conservative side but have a tender side for the exuberant. Their wallets and handbags do not take on too much risk, keeping it classic and clean: the exact opposite of what they have in their jewelry section.

If you’re looking for turn of the century (not this one but the one before) luxury items, look for their luxury collection! You’ll find some pieces that might belong to a history museum. The best about it all is that you can actually have them in your home for reasonable prices, since they do not belong in a painting from a historical monument.

In their website you can request their catalog so you can check for yourself if I’m right or wrong about their style and prices. They actually do a great job with those records, making it hard for you not to think twice before putting the catalog down after a few browses through their well finished pages, filled with a type of charm you don’t see quite often anymore. In the end it makes you think about what they say about their vintage style and their efforts for keeping their material closer to an era that could no longer reign. It’s hard to keep something simple being such a driving force in a world where nothing is too hard to find or too precious to believe in anymore.

At least in the 30’s they had their watches to check on the hours and how close they were to their brighter future.

Make Your Life Easier With This Fab Shopping Site

Personally shopping in a store is a marvelous activity (and excellent form of exercise) all in itself, however nowadays virtual shopping is a must as well. It’s an easy way to discover unique items that our limited options of shopping excursions will not always allow us to come across. We are exposed to new styles and ideas from personalities all over the globe. We can explore and identify a new something that we like, and within minutes, we have located that same item, added it our shopping cart and before we can grab our car keys, our latest must-have is heading directly to our front door.

I have found a few sites that make my life much easier and being that I aspire to make everyone else’s lives easier as well, I will happily share. Today I will discuss the wonderful world of asos. ASOS (pronounced ACE-OSS) is the UK’s largest independent online fashion and beauty retailer, offering over 60,000 branded and own label products across womenswear and menswear. The idea of ASOS started in 1999 as an internet business where people could find clothes or accessories they had seen celebs wearing. The company began with this concept and within a few years they began to sell more fashion than just clothes that had been ‘seen on screen’.

One of my favorite reasons to shop on this site is the View Runway feature. Along with photos of different angles and views, each garment is displayed being worn down a small runway, showing exactly how the item looks, moves and flows. I don’t know about you all, but I have had many experiences of receiving an item and being surprised at how it actually appears in ‘real life’. E-commerce stylists are paid to make a stores merchandise look good, and many items are pinned, stretched or altered to look more appealing. This is not evident until we receive these items and find that they fit differently than how displayed on the site. So being able to see the garment worn by someone is very helpful in determining if it is what you are looking for or not.

Another gratifying feature of the site is their Fashion Finder section. Here you can find the freshest fashion trends and the street style skinny, plus the best outfit ideas created by members to inspire your fashion forward look. You will also find What to Wear ideas, for style advice for any occasion. You can browse women’s fashion tips by event, and if you’re feeling inspired, create your own outfit too. Fashion Trends are displayed showcasing the lowdown on the biggest catwalk trends. You can take inspiration from the most influential designers, before styling your own outfits and uploading your fashion forward looks.

A fun way that this site stands out, is that they offer a Marketplace where anyone, anywhere in the world, can sell fashion, to anyone, anywhere in the world. You can sell individually for free or can apply for a boutique if you have a small business or brand. What an epic way for thousands of individuals just like me, selling their wardrobes to fund their next fashion fix.

Last, but not least, the price points found at asos can fit just about every budget. They constantly run sales, on current season items, which makes it all the more easier to justify trying out new styles. Shipping is free to over 190 countries, as well as returns, which makes shopping here essentially risk-free. Before checking out, be sure to check the site for any coupons, which are typically always available.

I highly recommend adding asos to your current must-shop sites, and as a result your shopping world just may be rocked.

My 305 Style: The simple sexy dress

Miami is a city where women show more skin than any other place in the United States. This is due to the influence we bring from our Latin countries.

The sexy dresses are the go-to outfits for nightclubs, beaches, restaurants and shopping malls. But when exactly is the perfect time to wear them?
We cannot wear the same dress pattern to work, going out with friends, going to a wedding or any other invitation, just because we are in Miami.

I have seen many pictures on Facebook and Twitter including local celebrities, and most of them only change the color of the dress–the model remains the same, almost like a uniform.
I think variety is good taste in fashion. We should not standardize our style to a single model of dress and mistakenly thinking that it is the only way to look sexy. Well I have good news- there are plenty of varieties out there!

My advice is to use your creativity. Creating sexy outfits using palazzo pants, blouses with one shoulder out, long skirts with one leg in the air, pencil skirts, dresses ¾ long with sheer sleeves, etc…

So when the opportunity comes and you want to wear a simple sexy dress you will be the attraction of the place.
I recommend my latest acquisition: A simple dress, designed by Samy Gicherman, which has two of the most important things in a dress, sensuality and elegance.

I combined my dress with black sandals, also simple and sexy, from Steve Madden and I believe it worked best. I wore this outfit to attend a Hispanic event where there were a number of girls with sexy dresses, but this model caused a sensation … the magic of variety!

Size 12 Models Could Be Coming to Project Runway

When it comes to the world of fashion and models we all know that “THIN” is in. Project Runways Tim Gunn wants to shape the runway with woman who represents the majority of today’s society who are not a size 2.

Gunn who keeps the designers on their toes and has coined the phrase “Make It Work” doesn’t take light to excuses. Gunn’s motivation for wanting to feature more real women on Project Runway stems from an incident in season 10 where designer Ven Budhu made it very clear that he was not happy working with his plus size model who was nominated to be on the show for a makeover by her friends.

According to Today, Budhu brought the plus size contestant to tears and Gunn took to his twitter page and said, “That a truly good designer can make any size look good”.

Gunn as mentor to the designers uses the platform of Project Runway to give the designers the opportunity to step outside the norm and create for markets in fashion that are not being addressed.

According to an interview last August with the Huffington Post, Gunn said, “I’ve had my own moments in front of designers when I’ve actually said, ‘You know, there’s a market here for expanding your work, and here it is, and frankly, there are two markets: The women who are larger than the 12, and then there are women who are petite and most designers that I talk to have absolutely no interest in addressing either of those populations, which I find repugnant.”

If you are a fan of Project Runway and you want to see more models on the show that represent women beyond size 2 you can cast your vote here and be a part of the poll that just might bring more real women to the runway on Project Runway.

Philanthropist And TV Personality, Suzan Hughes, Wins Most Stylish Los Angeles

Los Angeles has its share of fashionistas, and television personality Suzan Hughes is our winner for most stylish. After catching our eye at a recent gala, we fell in love with Suzan and her glamorous style. We polled some of the top fashion bloggers who chose Suzan’s top red carpet looks. From summertime sexy to red carpet glam, Suzan never disappoints in her fabulous frocks. Check out our photo gallery to see Suzan rocking Gucci, Herve Leger, Balenciaga, Balmain, and Alexander McQueen. Suzan Hughes will no doubt emerge as a style icon and we will take credit for discovering her. Congrats Suzan on winning our award for “Most Stylish, Los Angeles.”

Talkin’ fashion with a Pittsburgh girl: Kristen S.

Pittsburgh girls know and love fashion! They know what colors look good on them, what designer looks they covet, and where to shop. Pittsburgh girls are more than just Pens jerseys and Terrible Towels, they are fashionistas! Kristen, a 28 year-old speech language pathologist from Pittsburgh gabs about her personal style and fashion!

What is one store you could spend thousands of dollars on clothes in?

White House Black Market

What is your favorite Pittsburgh mall?

Ross Park

What color do you think you look best in?


What is one piece in your wardrobe you could never live without?

Black tank tops

What is your favorite cut of jeans?

Skinny or boot-cut

What is your ideal winter coat?

Sleek, kind of puffy, with fitted waist and fluffy faux fur hood.

What is your favorite kind of dress?

Little black dress! Either completely fitted or a fitted top with a flowy above the knee skirt.

What is your favorite type of footwear?

Flip flops

Money is no object, who is your favorite luxury fashion brand?


5 adjectives to describe your style and wardrobe?

Comfortable, sporty, classic, practical, cute

Christian Siriano to judge teen version of ‘Project Runway’

The young adult genre has overtaken books and movies and is now on its way to conquering television as well. A junior version is in the works or exists for “American Idol” and “Master Chef” and now, it was just announced, “Project Runway.”

A press release from Lifetime broke the news this week that they had signed on to air the first season of “Threads,” which is being widely touted by fans as a teenage version of “Project Runway.” Of course, the comparison is hard to resist when Lifetime announced that “Project Runway: Season Four” winner Christian Siriano would be judging the competition, along with Vanessa Simmons. Simmons is the daughter of Joseph Simmons (Rev Run of RunDMC) and an actress in her own right. Seventeen magazine will be taking on the position held by Marie Claire for “Project Runway.” Seventeen’s Fashion Director Gina Kelly and Jasmine Snow, the magazine’s Accessories Editor, will have roles on the show.

The guest stars/celebrity judges that have already been confirmed for “Threads” features some former “Project Runway” celebrity judges including Kelly Osbourne. It is thought that Siriano will be playing duel role as both host and judge. “Threads” has already been using Mood Fabrics as a casting location and it is expected that the fabric store will take on the same starring role it has played on “Project Runway.”

Click here: Best looks for Mood Fabric’s spokesdog Swatch

Siriano, of course, used his stint on “Project Runway” to reach the national stage. He has gone on to become a fashion powerhouse. Besides is eponymous line, and boutique in New York City, Siriano also is the mind behind the designs for a discount fashion label sold by Payless Shoes. The ultra affordable line features shoes and handbags.

Click here: Christian Siriano’s Payless Gold Shoe Collection

“Threads” will be just one of several fashion and beauty based series that will be new to Lifetime. At the same time the network announced the creation of “Threads” it also released information on shows like “Girlfriend Intervention,” a makeover show, “Worst Stylist Ever,” a competition show for hair stylists, and “Ugly Models,” which is a docu-series giving a behind the scenes look at a one of a kind modeling agency that prides itself on the uniqueness of their models.

Casting is already complete for this season of “Threads.” The show is expected to air this year.

Magic Hour is Jane Iredale’s Spring makeup collection @JaneIredale #MagicHour

Jane Iredale Magic Hour Spring 2014 Makeup Collection
March 17, 2014
Jane Iredale’s Spring 2014 makeup collection was inspired by Jane Iredale’s iconic Moonglow Quad Bronzer. And if you want to celebrate Spring, the soft pastels of this collection will have you feeling feminine, with new products that flatter just about every skin tone.

The new Magic Hour collection includes new Lip Fixations in coral and muave, a In Touch highlighter (perfect for face + lips), a trio of gold eyeshadow, and inky gel liners in black and brown.Here’s a bit more about the products:

New Jelly Jar Gel Eyeliner – Soft and creamy; glides on smoothly for a defined or smudgeable line, then sets to stay just where you want it. Highly pigmented; provides inky color in black or brown. *I tried this on my hand and let me tell you, it stayed put1 Of course you can remove it, but it won’t smudge or run.. This is good news, especially in the warmer months when you don’t want perspiration ruining your eye look. I like the new, angled eye liner brush that makes application of gel or liquid liner easier, too.

Comfort In Touch Highlighter – A sun-kissed coral, cream-to-powder highlighter that gives skin a natural-looking radiance. *no matter what intensity of skin tone you have, this beautiful highlighter will enhance it.

Golden Girl PurePressed Eye Shadow Triple – A harmonious trio of shimmering gold colors that flatter every skin tone. *who doesn’t like a trio? Great for travel, and you can wear it so many ways.

New shades of Lip Fixation – The Magic Hour collection features two new Lip Fixations, a flirtatious coral, Craze and a flattering mauve, Compulsion. *these are gorgeous and they feel amazing. They’re a bit too light for me since I’ve been wearing red most of the time, but on a casual day they’re lovely, and the shimmery clear gloss on these dual-ended products are crazy-good!

The Bottom Line: When I looked at the collection I thought: “These colors are really soft and pretty, perfect for Spring and the daytime — but how will they translate for evening, and for those women who like a deeper, more edgy look? The “how-to” for the edgier, evening look is below. It’s easy!

Using the Eye Contour Brush, press the darkest shade of the Golden Girl PurePressed Eye Shadow Triple into the outer corner of the eye.

Using the Eye Shader Brush, apply the lightest shade of the Golden Girl PurePressed Eye Shadow Triple. Start at the center of the lid and work to the inner corner. Be sure to blend the two shades at the center of the eye.

Using the Angle Eyeliner Brush, apply the Black Jelly Jar Gel Eyeliner by pressing the length of the brush along your upper lash and lower lash line, starting at the outer corner. Go back and sweep product over this line.

Apply a sheer layer of Comfort In Touch Highlighter to the top of the cheekbones. Apply directly from the tube and blend with your finger.

Try Craze Lip Fixation Lip Stain/Gloss for a melon lip, or Compulsion Lip Fixation for a neutral lip. Apply a single dot of the stain to the middle of your upper lip, blend with your finger. Apply another dot to the middle of your bottom lip, blend with your finger. Don’t add gloss to maintain the matte look.

Summer movies for a buck is back at Regal – United Artists theaters for 2014

Regal / UA Theaters released the dates and movies for the much anticipated one dollar movie deal today Mar. 17, 2014. The 2014 Summer Movie Express runs for 9 weeks with select titles playing on Tuesdays and Wednesdays throughout the summer. Please see your local theatre for program start date with most starting the first week of June 2014.

Admission to these films during the Summer Movie Express is only $1 and a portion of the proceeds goes to the Will Rogers Institute. They normally also run a special at the snack bar, check with your local theater manager for details.

Movies for a buck will start this summer on June 3, 2014 and continue for 9 weeks

Week 1: Hotel Transylvania PG 10am and The Smurfs 2 PG 10am
Week 2: Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2 PG 10am and The Pirates: Band of Misfits PG 10am
Week 3: Arthur Christmas PG 10am & Despicable Me 2 PG 10am
Week 4: Lego PG 10am and Free Birds PG 10am
Week 5: Adventures of TinTin PG 10am & Rise of the Guardians PG 10am
Week 6: Kung Fu Panda 2 PG 10am & Madagascar 3 PG 10am
Week 7: The Croods PG 10am and Epic PG 10am
Week 8: Turbo PG 10am and Walking with Dinosaurs PG 10am
Week 9: Mr. Peabody & Sherman PG 10am and Rio 2 PG 10am

International fashion & style; fall 2014..a letter to Rachel Zoe

Just had to dash off a quick note and let you know my feelings about the new collection. OMG OMG OMG what are you smoking girlfriend with these clothes? You are a far cry from designers departments these days, in fact, are you in any of them anymore … just asking!! It seems to me that you have gone off the reservation and steered directly to a contemporary collection that might be suited for a JCP girl or maybe a Macy’s chick; but deffo bridge and tunnel.

Anyway it seemed to appropriate to send my condolences after seeing the collection. Your inspirations were as you said “This season is really about a Parisian woman in the 1960s – her sensibility, her lifestyle and her confidence. I wanted to create a collection that embodied French bohemia with mod elements – tailored jackets, short shifts, hounds tooth prints and textured tweeds – cool wearable pieces that women want right now.” The problem is you went right to the runways of Celine, Chloe, Saint Laurent and god knows who else to get “inspired” and to complicate matters you cheapened the looks even more than they did.

From my point of view, you are treading on very thin ice and trying to hold onto whatever reputation you have left and as my advice has been to you in previous times… toss in that towel and run for the hills while you still have any shred credibility left. Only your best friends would tell you this.

Hopefully, there will be no more notes like this because it hurts my heart to tell you these things but what are friends for??

Kiss kiss… An Ivy lunch soon?

and P.S. you see , even losing the silly hats and the puddling pants, the clothes just don’t cut it hon.. so say buh bye and get another styling client instead!