L’Wren Scott found Dead in NYC Apartment

It seems that suicide has taken another life, yesterday Monday March 17th, L’Wren Scott was found dead in her apartment in New York City.

Monday morning around 10:00 a.m. her assistant arrived at L’Wren’s apartment and found her dead hanging from a door knob. She immediately called the police and an autopsy will later determine the cause of death. There was no sign or forced entry. The assistant had received a text message from L’Wren saying to “come by”.

Scott is not only known for her fashion and earlier modeling career but also as the girlfriend to Mick Jagger of the Rolling Stones for over a decade. Scott has dressed celebrities such as Madonna, and has also created many of Mick Jagger’s stage looks for The Stones’ 50th Anniversary Tour.

L’Wren Scott also launched a line for Banana Republic which came out late last year. Her clothing was more high fashion then ready to wear but took the opportunity to create classic and fun and elegant looks for Banana Republic.

On hearing the news Mick Jagger was devastated and the band has since cancelled their show tomorrow night March 19th in Perth.

It is always sad to see suicide take a life and especially in our design community. L’Wren Scott will be deeply missed and all of our thoughts are with her family and friends.

Beautiful Baubles: Layering Bracelets 101

There’s nothing we like more than a good arm party, but there is an art to curating the perfect wrist full of blinged-out bracelets. A few simple tricks will help you nail a complementary combination and prevent bracelets from toppling to the front of your hand every time you move your arm. To master the art of stacking of baubles, we asked accessory aficionado Shahrnaz Shifteh to give us a crash course in how to properly rock an arm party. Click through for Shifteh’s foolproof tips — your naked wrists will be glad you did.

Mix & Match

When layering bracelets, don’t shy away from mixing and matching a variety of colors and materials. “The trick is to make sure they’re all the same diameter so they don’t topple to the front of your hand,” advised Shifteh. “Gemstones, beads, rubber — anything goes if you keep the diameter of your bracelets consistent.” This trick also ensures that any charms are visible when the bracelets are stacked.

Similar Stack

“Layering a bunch of the same bracelets results in a more dramatic look,” said Shifteh. “To create this layered effect, you should stock up on bracelets when you find ones you like.” In this look, Shifteh piled on rhinestone bracelets and pearl bracelets in two iridescent shades, pale green and lavender. Again, the bracelets should have the same diameters to prevent unwanted toppling.

Curating Classics

For an updated take on a classic look, pair a variety of gold bangles with several of the same pearl bracelets. Gold bangles with simple details nicely complement pearl bracelets with black and gold accents. “This look works because the diameter of the bracelets are similar so they fall together nicely,” explained Shifteh.

Time to Layer Up

Incorporate a watch into a layered look by pairing it with several thick bangles of similar widths. Be sure to match your metals for a complementary combo. “Don’t be afraid to wear large pieces on one wrist — or even on both wrists,” said Shifteh. “If you have one or two bangles on one wrist, wear a watch on the other to balance it out.”

Statement Bangles

“Animal prints can be mixed and matched much more manageably when it’s done with jewelry because it’s such a small amount of print,” explained Shifteh. The key is to choose animal prints that play off your outfit’s color palette. In this look, the leopard bangle complements the red skirt while the zebra print bangle is a variation of the stripe motif.

Is It Safe to Buy Party Special Sarees Online

Sarees are the most popular outfit worn by the Indian women. They might hail from a different region or speak a different language, but their love for the saree is same everywhere. This Indian ethnic outfit is available in a number of varieties. From Assam, cotton silk sarees to Karamazov silk sarees of south every region or cultural hotspot has a saree of their own. The designs and patterns of the saree woven by the traditional weavers are passed on from one generation to another. Women love to shop for these traditional sarees, but on occasions like office parties or any casual gathering; they love to flaunt party wear sarees.

Party wear sarees are a little different from the regular ones. They are either classy with single solid color with a contrast blouse or border or they are embellished with embroidery and stones to add a glamorous touch. Currently some of the popular designs of the online party wear sarees are made from sheer fabric like net, Georgette, chiffon and so on. Several fashion websites are providing online party wear sarees in a variety of colors and designs. You can simply visit them and shop for the latest designs available on the block for you.

Online shopping always seems to be a little attractive for the shoppers however it includes a couple of risks as well. Some of the sites who claim to provide good quality party special sarees online try to swindle the customers. Therefore, you must be a little careful while shopping from the new or unknown online shopping sites. Before buying any party wear saree, find out all the details about it. Look into pictures, read fabric details, blouse piece details and so on. If possible, you must compare the cost of the saree with others available on different site. It will help you to decide if a particular saree has a higher cost of if it is available at affordable price as well.

Apart from all this, online shopping clothing must only be done from reliable websites. You should never buy any clothing material from unknown sites. Try to look for defects as soon as you received the online party wear sarees. If there is any damage to the fabric or design error, contact the seller website immediately and return the saree. You can make your online shopping experience a pleasant one with a couple of smart techniques.

The Princess Vera Wang Summer Collection at Kohl’s

The official start of summer is June 21st and with it, the beginning of endless pool parties, long beach days and plenty of lemonade. To answer to the necessities of the season, Princess Vera Wang has launched the perfect collection for lovely young women. Pieces include fun shapes and patterns plus the typical feminine details of the brand.

To step into something new, try Princess’ two-piece dresses. Some come with a removable crop top, which you can use on its own. You don’t want to miss cute embellished tops in various colors, and sheer fabrics, perfect for showcasing bathing suits. You can combine the collection’s new tops with the Princess Tribal Textured skirt. Long asymmetrical dresses are also available. They will be the perfect look for the next barbeque, afternoon on a boat or your friend’s pool party. All styles are under $100.00!

As you may know, American designer Vera Wang introduced her Simply Vera Vera Wang brand at Kohl’s in 2007. Today, you can enjoy Simply Vera Vera Wang in the Women’s department, Simply Vera Wang Cosmetics in the Beauty and Fragrance section and Princess Vera Wang in the Juniors’ department. Princess Vera Wang is available exclusively at Kohl’s and Kohls.com.

To be in tune with the latest fashions, don’t skip the Juniors’ department on your next visit to Kohl’s. Your teenager will thank you.

Underwater Mermaid Fashion Show Dazzles the Dive Bar in Sacramento

From Fendi’s drone-powered “flying catwalk” to Burberry Beijing’s exploding holograms, you may think you’ve seen just about everything the fashion industry has to offer when it comes to reconsidering the nearly 200 year old catwalk. But the San Francisco-based designer and performer The Mermaid Atlantis would have you reconsider the notion that fashion innovation requires new technology and instead look to nature for new ideas or more specifically, to the sea.
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The American-Peruvian beauty whose feats include swimming alongside whale sharks and performing as a mermaid, fairy, and other magical creatures for hospitalized children has launched a new line of sea-themed fashions which truly come to life in their natural element: the water. And while underwater fashion shows are certainly nothing new to the fashion industry, the mermaid-themed underwater fashion show produced by The Mermaid Atlantis at the Dive Bar in Sacramento last weekend may very well be the first to take underwater fashion in its extreme.

The show entitled “By Land and By Sea” featured live models swimming through a 40 ft. long tank strutting sea-drenched, designer fashions including tails, seashell bras, and even shark fins! Over 150 onlookers stood in awe of fashions as exotic as the lion fish gown, a black and white striped maxi with floating wisps of fabric by The Mermaid Atlantis and the luminous fiber-optic underwater mermaid tail & glowing sea shell bra by designer / model Erin St.Blane. Retro scaled hot pants and bikinis embellished with silicone star fish by The Mermaid Atlantis took a more modern sea punk approach. The models, also trained divers, elegantly accomplished no easy feat by posing each garment both on foot and underwater in the Dive Bar’s infamous above-bar tank equipped with seaweed, sunken treasures, and of course live fish.

The Mermaid Atlantis states that she does intend for this show to be the last or for its significance to be lost on the audience. When asked about the show’s future and influence she answers confidently, “I am hoping to tour this as a fashion show, costume event, and aquatic performance all rolled into one. I hope to inspire people with surrealism and fantasy. I hope to invoke a love of the sea that may translate into bringing environmental awareness to the public. Being a professional mermaid I get to shoot on location in the depths of the ocean among amazing wildlife. I hope to bring this feeling of whimsy and passion of the sea to people all over the world, through images, art, fashion, and underwater performance. I hope people feel closer to the sea, and its life therein, after experiencing one of my shows.”

Fashion designer L’Wren Scott found dead in Chelsea apartment

Long time girlfriend of Mick Jagger and fashion designer, L’Wren Scott’s body was found this morning by her assistant inside her swanky Chelsea apartment. My police insider who arrived first on the scene, said the former model hung herself, using a scarf on a doorknob. There was no sign of foul play and a suicide note was not found. An ipad was found, but as of right now doesn’t seemed to give any information to why the designer wanted to end her posh life. Scott’s body was taken away this afternoon by the medical examiner for an autopsy to determine the cause of death.

Fran Curtis, the Rolling Stones publicist and spokesperson told USA Today that Mick Jagger is “completely shocked and devastated by the news. The two had a 10 year courtship.

L’Wren Scott was an Utah mormon, before meeting photographer Bruce Weber and becoming a model. She then became a successful stylist and fashion designer dressing Hollywood royalty like Nicole Kidman and the first lady Michelle Obama. Just last year the high end designer collaborated with Banana Republic for a line of affordable fancy frocks.

An hour after her body was found a Thank you tweet from her twitter handle (@Lwrenscott) went out to wardrobe stylist Jill Ohanneson, which means her social media team still didn’t know of her passing.

How to Dress Big Thighs

A pear-shaped body stores fat on the hips and thighs, making you appear disproportionate in many types of clothing. You must keep the shape of your large thighs in mind when buying clothing, so your wardrobe complements your body’s natural curves. Dressing your large thighs does not mean donning baggy clothing; rather, wear articles that accentuate your more attractive features. Clothes that disguise the size difference between your thighs and the rest of your body will help balance your figure.


  1. Purchase wide-legged pants that do not taper with the shape of your leg down to your calf. These pants create a column shape, disguising the size difference between your upper and lower legs.
  2. Wear skirts that hang loosely from your hips and flare at the base, creating a bell shape. A-line skirts in particular will complement the shape of large thighs. Avoid any skirt that tapers or creates a straight line down your legs.
  3. Wear jackets and shirts that cinch in at your waist and flare out at your hips. Shirts and jackets should hang 2 to 3 inches past the band of your pants or skirt to draw attention away from your large thighs.
  4. Purchase clothing for your lower body in dark colors, such as black, charcoal and navy. Darker colors have a slimming effect, as they trick the eye into seeing shadows that make a surface appear smaller.
  5. Pick vibrantly colored tops to draw attention up and away from your thighs. Colors such as red, yellow, orange or white will complement the darker tones of your pants or skirts and make your thighs less noticeable.

St. Paws: A thrift store for animal lovers

St. Paws Thrift Store rescues animals from abandonment, homelessness, abuse and neglect. It you’re an animal lover who just can’t resist a good thrift store, St. Paws is for you! Every time you make a purchase or a donation, it will help a cat, dog, horse, bunny or companion animal.

St. Paws began with a mission to serve and protect animals. Their mission is to help organizations that are engaged in protecting, sheltering and caring for abandoned, neglected and abused animals.

St Paws accomplishes their mission by serving as a portal for your tax deductible donations, whether with cash or through gently used clothing, handbags and accessories, fashion jewelry, and various household items which, in turn, are sold in the store. 100% of the profits from the sales are then passed on to these organizations.

St. Paws is operated and run by a group of dedicated volunteers who are all animal lovers. Located at 304 12th St. in West Columbia, the store has an excellent selection of clothing for men, women and children.

Everything is nicely arranged, sorted by size, clean and on hangers. There is also a good selection of shoes, with sandals and dress shoes in like-new condition. Items are generally in the one to three dollar range.

As you take your time looking around the store, don’t be surprised if a sweet cat who loves to be picked up follows you and seeks out your arms.

The store is very clean and bright, attractively arranged, and quite spacious. The staff, likely seen holding small animals as they work, is made up of volunteers who love animals.

There is limited free off-street garage parking (about eight spaces) directly next to the thrift store, and several more outdoor spaces.

St Paws is open Tuesday through Friday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. and Saturday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Visit St. Paws Thrift Store online or on Facebook for more information and an array of photos.

With an ever changing selection, you’re sure to come home with treasures…and maybe even an adopted pet.

As always, maximize your style and minimize your spending~

Your Woman Would Unquestionably Like Herve Leger the Feeling

Prehistoric and medieval warriors wore bracelets to protect themselves from unsuitable spirits or fate, to exhibit association to divinities, and as armors in conflict. In the Sinister Ages, they were worn to embody lineage and creed. Exactly wish anything in the world, it has it cults and styles. In the post World War II, men and women of weapons bought bangles crafted by the occupants of the locates where they struggled as remembrances and gives to people back home. The Flower Children of the 1960s wore on their arms wristbands of divergent kinds and colors in support of sex revolution and legalization of marijuana. The 80s went for punk topic. The 1990s gave rise to wristbands that were connected with rock music. The new millennium on the other hand brought in bracelets that are flat, modular, hooked in concert and snapped on the arm or wrist. Length and sizes possess varied. The most hot among them though are the cz snowflake pendants bracelets that are generally high performance silver or gold and could be unadorned or inscribed.

In picking out the best cz snowflake pendants bracelets for a woman, it is to the highest degree essential to recognize what stores or locates possess the to the highest degree varying set out of choice. Uncover yourself to multifariousness in fashions, stuffs, and ideas. After scrutinizing the samples, narrow down your options that reflect the spare time activities, work, and personality of the recipient. Do not give a woman who is functioning in the corporate world dark brown leather bracelets. Instead, go for cz snowflake pendants Herve Leger white bandage dress bracelets drawn of platinum, soft steel, or premium silver. Look At classy and standard conceptions as essential alternatives because they could be applied on any time of the day and for a immeasurable of roles. You may own some text or endearment engraved on the inner side of the bracelet like her name, symbolization of her profession or zodiac, or her gospel in life. Be sure to get the correct circuit of the proper wrist of your woman. The bracelet must not be excessively long or too short. Invariably take into mind that to the highest degree women do not wish to pass so much time in the sustainment of their adornments. The bracelets must bring her specialty and courage thus you must not elect to purchase her one that is in of thin stuffs.

A plenty of websites own devoted themselves to showcasing cz snwoflake pendants bracelets for women. Some of their sample distributions admit but are not specified to the following:

  • Sterling silver ID wristbands
  • Titanium, leather, and gold bands with engravings
  • Silver toned braided bracelets

With prices ranging from the most affordable to the high end, snowflake pendants bracelets are faultless impulsion for friendship and romance. They also make outstanding birthday and anniversary presents. Your woman would unquestionably like the feeling of coolness on her skin and fondness of the looking up to eyes of those who would see her auspices of bravery.

8 Looks for the Art of Casual Chic

Though casual chic may sound like an oxymoron, the truth is that you can look chic in almost anything you wear (sans workout gear and pajamas). The key to mastering the art of casual chic is to combine comfortable clothing with a hint of sophisticated flair. That flair may be demonstrated by your shoe choice, accessories, hair or even absolute confidence in your appearance. Once you’ve mastered the casual chic look, you’ll always have something to wear no matter where you go, be it a cocktail party, grocery store or barbecue.

Flirty Chic

The colorful palette on this otherwise sophisticated, streamlined dress takes Sarah Jessica Parker straight into the realm of casual chic. Her getup is dressy enough for an afternoon or evening of cocktails and mingling, but could also work while running errands or at a low-key lunch. To achieve a flirty, casual chic look like this one, wear a well-fitted dress with comfortable shoes and relaxed hair.

Street-Wear Chic

As senior fashion market editor of “Harper’s Bazaar,” Joanna Hillman knows a thing or two about fashion. Here, the blond-haired maven looks calm, cool and collected in her baggy blue blouse and neutral skirt. Create this look by wearing slightly oversized apparel paired with texturized locks, sunglasses and minimal jewelry.

Leopard Chic

Mischa Barton shows her wild side in a leopard print top and ballet flats. She keeps the knee-length skirt casual and youthful with a simple hairstyle and minimalist accessories. Pairing her printed top with a denim A-Line skirt and studded belt keeps the look casual, but the bold prints provide an extra wow-factor. Her black tights and flats make the ensemble perfect for fall. Add a neutral-colored jacket and you’re set for winter, too!

Summer Chic

Reality TV star Khloe Kardashian is all about laid-back apparel. She pairs a very casual, loose T-shirt and tattered denim shorts with heels to instantly transform the look into casual chic. Heels are an easy way to dress up any casual look, whether you’re in leggings, jeans, a blazer or jumpsuit. For a touch of flirty flair, wear a splashy accessory as Kardashian does.

Trendy Chic

The always trending Linda Papadopoulos, psychologist and author, keeps the momentum going with this creamy fitted blazer and dark denim jean. To bring her ensemble up to chic-dom, she layers with a flowing, patterned scarf. Scarves, like heels, instantly add a bit of chic sophistication to any look. Try one in a neutral color, like Papadopoulos, or a splashy color if you’re feeling frisky.

Autumn Chic

What makes model-turned-photographer Delfina Blaquier’s outfit casual chic is her layering techniques. Without the trench-length cardigan and colorful scarf, the white dress underneath would read more dressy than casual. Experiment with layering your outfits to create a casual, yet fashion-forward look.

Hippie Chic

Actress Gillian Zinser, seen with actor Tristan Wilds, channels her inner hippie with this casual chic ensemble. The short jeans paired with a fun, patterned top makes her outfit instantly interesting. Add the purple, matching headband and it’s a fashion-forward ensemble. To master the art of casual chic you must not be afraid to take fashion risks.

Formal & Fun

Blake Lively, actress and fashionista, is known in the fashion world for her eclectic taste and flare for red carpet outfits. Though this particular outfit is more formal than casual, Lively layers the sheerness of her blouse and lace skirt with a fitted blazer. Her flattering blazer says business, but the ethereal quality of her top and its lack of structure add a touch of casualness. Combine formal elements with daytime fabrics like a light-colored lace for a similar look.