Stack Em Up: Layering Rings 101

When it comes to layering accessories, we have yet to master the wear-every-ring-you-own-at-the-same-time look. So, we consulted style expert Shahrnaz Shifteh to find out how to pull off wearing numerous rings on multiple fingers. (Hint: Contrary to popular belief, this does not involve actually wearing every ring you own.) Take style notes from Shifteh to pack the most sartorial punch into your accessory layering.

Master Understated Style

When layering rings, it’s a good rule of thumb to pick a metal and stick with it. In this look, Shifteh has layered gold rings — some with stones, some without. Stick with rings that have similarly sized stones and gems to ensure the rings stack up nicely. “You can stock up on relatively inexpensive rings to create this casual effect. One ring might not look nice on it’s own, but you may be surprised by how chic it looks when it’s stacked with several rings,” said Shifteh.

Keep it Effortlessly Cool

“Pinky rings are trendy again and they are so easy to wear that you never have to take them off — you can always have a touch of jewelry on,” advised Shifteh. They are also very versatile so you can pair them with larger, more elaborate rings, just be sure to match your metals. Spiky rings, like the ones Shifteh is wearing here, are timeless and exude an effortlessly cool vibe.

Get Cocktail-Ready

As their name suggests, cocktail rings are great accessories for occasions that call for dressy attire. “If you’re going to wear a big statement ring, you have to have clean, polished nails because it draws so much attention to your hands,” advised Shifteh. “Even something as simple as a coat of clear or iridescent polish will do the trick.”

UpSkale “Hair for a Cause” Hair Show

You are invited to “Hair for a Cause” Hair Show hosted by Platinum Hearts Events & Creations on March 23, 2014. This event will be in honor of two time breast cancer Survivor Angel Ligon and a local community member recently diagnosed with kidney failure in need of a kidney transplant, Gary Shepard. This is the 2nd show for a cause and the numbers are getting stronger. The proceeds from ticket sales and donation go directly to the recipients.
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Hair for a Cause will be featuring a few of La Grange, Georgia’s finest in the Beauty Industry, Ms. Danyelle “The Make Up Maven”, Makeup Artist, Courtland “La Mente De Shaheed”, Wig Creator and Mrs. Athena Dixon-Wheelous, Hair Stylist and Barber. They will all be showcasing their GOD-given talents in the Hair for a Cause Hair Show on March 23, 2014 at Del’Avant in LaGrange, GA. This awesome trio shares the passion on wanting to help women to find that beauty inside and let it shine out. With over 10 years experience they have been helping women all over Georgia to feel empowered. They are surly putting Georgia on the map in the Beauty Industry.

Here is a little background on our featured stylist that have volunteered their services for this awesome cause. When asked, “what drives you and why?” They answered, Danyelle: “An addict, I think I need rehab I’m so bad…lol I’ve been this way since childhood, since I was able to read and spell the words make up!!! My profession and passion for this industry chose me. But, I’m a skin care fan, so love the skin you’re in!”

Athena-“My passion is to bring the beauty outward!”

La Mente De Shaheed- “I make wigs because it is simply what I want to do. I am a fashion designer by trade. I have always had a niche for anything that was dealing with someone’s appearance (besides make-up). I didn’t choose this field, it chose me. The first wig that I ever made for someone was a deep purple and black A-symmetrical stacked bob for someone’s Halloween costume. They wanted to channel Nikki Minaj. In the meantime, my grandmother was battling cancer and she asked if I could make her a wig that wouldn’t scream, “I am wearing a wig!” That is what drove me to making lace units. Sadly she passed before I even started on one for her. I now make wigs for cancer patients, alopecia sufferers, and burn victims quite often. I do also just make wigs for commercial use (everyday people) as well!”

Thank you to all that have donated their time and skills for this great cause!

We ask that you please share this event to everyone that you know. This event was put together for people that are in need of prayers and monetary blessings.

To make donations please call 706-407-1891

SPANX store opening at Tampa’s International Plaza in April

Sara Blakely, the woman who is credited with revolutionizing the shapewear industry, is bringing her iconic Spanx® brand to the Tampa Bay area with the opening of the first Spanx retail store and fourth in the country.

The new Spanx store will be located at The International Plaza and it will open on April 11, 2014. Sara Blakely will be making a personal appearance for the store opening.

In a press release about the opening of the store Sara said: “We are so excited to announce the opening of our fourth Spanx retail store. It is especially meaningful to me because I grew up shopping at International Plaza, now I can share Spanx with my hometown and the community that supported me from the beginning”.

Sarah is a Florida native; she was born in Clearwater, Florida. She attended Clearwater High School and graduated from Florida State University. Sara is one of the world’s youngest self-made female billionaires. She was also included in Time magazine’s annual list of the 100 most influential people in the world.

A presentation and hosiery cutting ceremony with Sara Blakely will be held at 10 a.m. on Friday, April 11.

In addition, the first 100 shoppers to arrive at the store will receive a complimentary problem-solving product from the “Tower of Power,” which houses packaged SPANX products from shapers to pantyhose ranging in retail price from $26 to $38 (while supplies last).

“Shaping Spree” cards (gift cards) valued at $100 will be raffled off throughout the opening day.

For more information about Spanx, new retail store locations and new product offerings, please visit their website at

Dadeland style event hits the runway at Dadeland Mall on March 22

Fashionistas are invited to the Dadeland Style event, a free, dynamic celebration of style, which will hit the runway at Dadeland Mall on Saturday, March 22 from 3 – 6 p.m. throughout the mall.

Spotlighting must-have spring trends for men and women from fashionable mall retailers, Dadeland Mall is bringing the excitement of fashion to stylish shoppers in Miami. During the spring fashion show, parents will also have the chance to scope out the hottest trends for all the little ones.

Get in on the fun with beauty demonstrations from your favorite brands like Georgio Armani beauty, Bobbi Brown, Aruj Salon & Spa, and OROGOLD to name a few, shopping specials and style stops that will allow savvy shoppers to revel in the fabulous stores offered at Dadeland Mall.

Guests will also have the opportunity to participate in trend talks and a fashion Q&A with Dadeland Mall’s personal stylist, Kim Rodriguez. Stop by and see the hottest fashion and accessories available at Dadeland Mall!

COST: Free and open to the community.

WHEN: Saturday, March 22

3:00 – 6:00 p.m.

WHERE: Dadeland Mall – mall-wide

7535 Dadeland Mall. Miami, FL 33156.

The 2014 Oscars red carpet fashion (Photos)

This year’s winners included newcomer Lupita Nyong’o who won for “Best Supporting Actress” for her role in the movie “12 Years a Slave” and actor Jared Leto for Best Supporting Actor for his role as a transgender man in “The Dallas Buyers Club”.

One of the highlights of the night was when Twitter’s website went down because of too much traffic on the site due to Oscar’s host Ellen DeGeneres’s “selfie” . Ellen twitted a live “selfie” with some of the Hollywood stars at the show and the picture was retweeted more than 1 million times breaking Twitter’s record which was set by President Barack Obama after his re-election.

Another highlight of the night was when Ellen order pizza and gave it to the audience who happily accepted including Harrison Ford and Brad Pitt.

But let’s face it, we watch the Oscars because of the red carpet fashion. Hollywood stars look their best as they hope to win the coveted award.

Take a look at pictures of some of our favorite picks of the night in the slideshow and tell us which one is your favorite.

Stylish and sustainable: The Underground Chic boasts vegan birkins!

The Underground Chic’s fashionable, 100% RPET (polyester made from recycled plastic bottles), eco-friendly, and vegan handbags caught my eye about a month ago on the fabulous GirlieGirlArmy website. Since then I made it my mission to acquire one. (Okay, two.)

A start-up business based in New York City, The Underground Chic evolved from the lack of companies supplying sustainable yet fashionable handbags. We found our nich by providing affordable style alternatives that are cruelty-free and reduce the environmental impact and recycle the earth’s natural resources creatively, intelligently and responsibly.

Our bags are geared toward women of all ages who want to express the more whimsical side of their personality, The Underground Chic bags convey a sense of sophistication and confidence, all the while knowing they are demonstrating a “green” commitment. They are also great for traveling and the women on the go with enough room to carry a laptop and the inside multi-pockets will keep you organized so you can find your cell phone and keys in seconds!

We take being an eco-conscious company seriously and feel it is our responsibility to contribute towards protecting and respecting our environment. Join us and help reduce the carbon footprint with a sustainable bag!

The bags appear to be real leather at first glance, mimicking the style and shape of a traditional birkin bag, but upon closer inspection the conscious consumer will see a photo printed image on the outside!

Did I mention the bags range from $32-125? And that no animals were harmed in the process of making them? A dream come true, to be sure. Also, for every handbag or cosmetic bag purchased, The Underground Chic will plant a tree.

I opted for the Grassy Green ‘Samantha’ bag after I found that the Ginny Orange Crush bag was out of stock (except for one that had a thinner lining, which The Underground chic’s Ann sent to me anyway; talk about customer service!!), and I couldn’t be happier. Also, the bags are large enough to hold everything I have to carry around with me for my job, while still looking chic and stylish.

Pet lovers rejoice as well, because I have it on good authority that they are currently designing a pet carrier based on the birkins; I can’t wait to acquire one for my kitty.

I would strongly suggest that any vegan, cruelty free, eco fashionista support this wonderful company and snag one of these bags. Everything about them is wonderful!

The Dirt on Cleaning Your Makeup Brushes

A set of artfully arranged brushes caked with remnants of makeup will kill the aesthetic of even the most beautiful display of makeup products. Without regular cleaning, makeup brushes can become a breeding ground for bacteria and, consequently, cause nasty breakouts. “We should all thoroughly clean our brushes once a week,” advised Janeena Billera, national makeup artist for glo minerals. With proper cleansing, a set of great makeup brushes can last for a lifetime of flawless, bacteria-free makeup application.

Wet Your Brushes

Gather your brushes and run them under lukewarm water with the brush head facing downward. “It is very important that the brush head is facing down so water does not get into the ferrule, the metal band that binds the bristles of a brush to the handle,” said Billera. Over time, water can loosen the glue that holds the brush together.

Apply Cleanser

Once brushes are thoroughly moistened, apply a small drop of mild shampoo to the bristles on each brush. Billera recommends baby shampoo because it’s gentle and doesn’t have a strong fragrance.


“Create a lather by swirling the brushes against the palm of your hand,” instructed Billera. Make sure you reach all the bristles, not just those on the outside. You can also use clean fingers to massage the soap into the entire brush.


With your brush heads facing downward again, rinse the bristles thoroughly under lukewarm water. Continue rinsing until there are no traces of soap or residue left — just as you’d wash your own hair.

Pat Dry

“After all your brushes are rinsed, use a clean towel to pat dry them,” said Billera. You can gently press the bristles between a towel to soak up excess moisture. It’s important to pat them dry as soon as they’re completely rinsed. Never let your brushes soak in water as this will make them fall apart.

Reshape Brushes and Dry

Once you’ve finished patting dry, reshape the brush heads and lay them down on a clean, dry towel for six to eight hours. “Do not put brushes right-side up in a cup or blow-dry them,” noted Billera. Laying them flat helps them maintain their original shape and keeps water out of the ferrules.

Daily Spray Cleansing

In addition to a weekly deep cleaning, you can perform a daily cleanse on each of your brushes with a water-free cleanser, available in cosmetic stores and online. “Just spray a couple of spritzes on a tissue and swirl the brush gently until there is no longer residue,” advised MLR makeup artist Kelly Morezak. “A lot of brush cleansers are anti-bacterial, which is great if you have acne-prone skin. Talk about the easiest way to prevent pimples!”

Conditioning Synthetic Brushes

“Synthetic brushes tend to get hard over time,” noted Morezak. “Every other cleaning, I use a hair conditioner on them.” She recommends selecting a conditioner with as little scent as possible. Follow the same steps you use when shampooing your brushes.

Summer clothes shopping at Kohl’s

Now that the warm weather is just about here, I realized that it’s time to go summer clothes shopping with my daughter. Sometimes it’s an experience I dread because she is so opinionated about clothes and she’s only 5!!!! I have found that if you go to the right store the experience can be fun and easy. There are a handful of stores that we like shopping at, Kohl’s being one of them. That said I was ecstatic when they provided me with a gift card to shop for some new summer girls clothing.
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I also received coupon via email for their Memorial Day weekend sale, so we headed to our local Kohl’s in Paramus, NJ for a fun day of shopping! The kids department had some beautiful clothing for girls. It started to get a little disorganized quickly because my daughter was just pulling things off the shelves and grabbing dresses from the racks. Don’t get me wrong she has good taste for a little girl. She picked out some adorable dresses like this Watercolor Maxi Dress and Floral Maxi Sundress from Chaps, both of which I would wear. I really do wish the watercolor striped dress came in my size. The colors of the dress are great-pink, orange, purple, red, emerald green, and magenta. I also love the bottom ruffle and the rope tie strap.

Next came the battle of the swimsuit, although it’s much easier for my daughter to find a swimsuit than me (LOL). I was impressed that they sell swimsuit sets that not only include the top and bottom but also a cover-up skirt as well as a pair of goggles. All of these pieces for only $20.99! Not bad at all. They are available in some lovely prints such as this Floral Tankini set and this Floral/Striped Tankini set. Kohl’s also has some cute one-piece swimsuits in prints, solids as well as licensed characters such as Minnie Mouse, Disney Princess, My Little Pony, and Hello Kitty.

Now it was time to pick out some everyday, casual clothing such as tops and shorts. There was no shortage of cute tops for little girls. Kohl’s has tons of fun graphic tees and tanks with all sorts of feminine images from mermaids, hearts, animals to beach scenes. As far as bottoms, they have a great selection of shorts, bike shorts, skirts and skorts. Kohl’s has two exclusive lines, Jumping Beans and SONOMA life + style, which makes sopping easier for parents because the pieces all mix and match. For instance, this Tropical Tee and Island Twill Chino short from SONOMA life + style look stylish together and they both are interchangeable with this cute Heart & Palm Tree shirt and Aqua Ruffled French Terry shorts we bought from Jumping Beans. Another great staple item for the summer are these awesome Bike Shorts from Jumping Beans. They fit great and my daughter said they are very comfortable. You can put so many different tops with them too!

Since my daughter picked out so much pink (her fave color), we couldn’t walk out without getting something to top off all her new outfits. That would be these super cool Monster High Glitter Wedge Flip-Flops. The flip-flops feature three of Monster High’s best ghoulfriends- Draculaura, Frankie and Clawdeen. The strap is pink glitter so they basically go with just about everything we bought. My daughter has been dying for a pair of shoes with some sort of heel and these are perfect for her.

All in all, our shopping experience at Kohl’s was a positive one. I really liked that the clothes at Kohl’s were all age-appropriate for little girls. We found many wonderful and beautiful items that fit great and will surely get my little girl through the summer. If you still have to shop for summer clothes or need to pick up some staples head to Kohl’s or if you’re strapped for time you can shop 24/7 at

Godiva Chocolatier Easter and spring collection is bright cheerful and yummy

Godiva Chocolatier, renowned for its premium Belgium chocolates, is loved all over the world such as United States, Canada, Europe, and Asia! Godiva’s chocolates, truffles, coffee, cocoa, and biscuits make a delicious special treat, and gifts, especially for making someone feel happy this Easter holiday!

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Chocolate magically makes everything alright. Studies suggest that eating chocolate (especially dark chocolate) is healthy for the heart and mind. Chocolate can help people stay thin, reduce body mass, prevent blood clots, improve numeracy, decrease stroke risk, doesn’t ruin the complexion and increase serotonin levels in the brain, thus help the immune system. Of course, chocolate have some health benefits and should be eaten as a treat (not as a substitute for fruits and vegetables) on special occasions, such as Easter coming up.

For Easter, Godiva has something sweet, special and also healthy for everyone:

Spring Gift Box comes in a pretty box decorated with spring flowers, perfect for Easter, bridal and/or a baby shower. Awaiting inside the colorful box is Godiva’s signature assortment of rich and velvety milk, dark, and white chocolates (36 pieces, 14.7 oz., $50).
Very Berry Truffle Flight contains delicious, fruity flavors swaddled in rich Godiva chocolates! The flavors are Sring Raspberry, Black Forest Cake, Strawberry Crème Tarte, Cranberry, Black Raspberry Mousse, and Double Chocolate Raspberry (6 pieces, 4 oz., $16).
Foil Wrapped Bunnies come in milk or dark chocolates. These yummy chocolate bunnies are guilt free, as they are hollow and full of rich chocolate flavor (2.25 oz, $6.50).
Foil Wrapped Chocolate Easter Eggs includes four in credibly delicious truffle flavors: Milk Chocolate, Dark Chocolate Ganache, Raspberry Ganache, and Almond Butter (15 pieces, 6.4 oz, $15), and are perfect for filling up in Easter baskets with.

L’Wren Scott found Dead in NYC Apartment

It seems that suicide has taken another life, yesterday Monday March 17th, L’Wren Scott was found dead in her apartment in New York City.

Monday morning around 10:00 a.m. her assistant arrived at L’Wren’s apartment and found her dead hanging from a door knob. She immediately called the police and an autopsy will later determine the cause of death. There was no sign or forced entry. The assistant had received a text message from L’Wren saying to “come by”.

Scott is not only known for her fashion and earlier modeling career but also as the girlfriend to Mick Jagger of the Rolling Stones for over a decade. Scott has dressed celebrities such as Madonna, and has also created many of Mick Jagger’s stage looks for The Stones’ 50th Anniversary Tour.

L’Wren Scott also launched a line for Banana Republic which came out late last year. Her clothing was more high fashion then ready to wear but took the opportunity to create classic and fun and elegant looks for Banana Republic.

On hearing the news Mick Jagger was devastated and the band has since cancelled their show tomorrow night March 19th in Perth.

It is always sad to see suicide take a life and especially in our design community. L’Wren Scott will be deeply missed and all of our thoughts are with her family and friends.