Obama Visits Jordan’s ‘Spectacular’ Petra Ruins

Procuring is fun and cheap. In the event you like to do good while procuring, there are wonderful charity driven design and crafts coops, listed within the Lonely Planet and Rough Guides. If in any case and you still have more time, cash and power, there’s Akamas peninsula, Archbishop in Nicosia, Panagia Chrysoirroyiatissa monastery, Petra too Romiou, Aguios Lazaros in Larnaca and extra from Cyprus.

Clijsters, enjoying in the closing event of her career at age 29 so she will be able to spend extra time together with her family, defeated US teen Victoria Duval 6-three, 6-1. The Belgian gained US Open crowns in 2005, 2009 and 2010 and hopes to assert one other. There’s a whole lot of positive feelings I exploit when I am out right here. I’ve had some good practices and I’m making an attempt to carry that into the matches.” Li, a primary-spherical US Open loser the previous two years, beat Britain’s Heather Watson 6-2, 6-3 to guide a date with Aussie Casey Dellacqua.

Petra âEUR” One of the new wonders of the ancient world, Petra the âEUR~Rose Red Metropolis half as old as timeâEUR(TM) has dramatic scenery at each flip. Starting with a go to to the remarkably intact remains of historic Jerash after which journey southwards to the Dead Sea to the rocky pinnacle of Kerak, a crusader fort with sweeping views. Along the best way, go to Madaba to see the oldest map of the Holy Land. For those who have been shocked by the large variety of biblical and historic websites across the nation âEUR” just a few of which have been named in this report âEUR” you are in for an actual stunner at Petra.

Visiting the Holy Land of Israel the place Christianity has its roots is a deeply memorable and non secular trip for Mormons and different Christians. Upon getting been to Israel, scriptures and other spiritual writings take on a completely new that means since you will be able to visualise the land and context the place a lot ancient history occurred. A tour of Israel with an organized church-primarily based group ought to include a visitor educator with vast expertise traveling to Jerusalem and surrounding areas who can relate the places you visit to your Mormon teachings. There’s much to see and be taught.

Useful suggestions for travel to and inside Petra can be found online at Nabataea.net, which offers tips comparable to where to pay the doorway payment, the place to obtain a map/tour information, the place to search out horses/buggies to ride into the Siq, and where bogs are situated. However you do not have to rely on the Web for useful suggestions; the Lonely Planet journey information to Jordan accommodates ample details about journey to this region. The visit to Petra, Jordan’s most visited tourist web site, wrapped up a four-day keep within the Middle East designed to guarantee Israel he’s critical about its defence from Iran and to maintain Israeli-Palestinian peace hopes alive.

That is pretty spectacular,” he said, craning his neck to gaze up at the rock faces after rising from a slim pathway right into a solar-splashed plaza in front of the grand Treasury. The soaring facade is taken into account the masterpiece of the traditional city carved into the rose-red stone by the Nabataeans more than 2,000 years in the past. Excessive winds and overcast skies almost grounded Marine One, the presidential helicopter, within the Jordanian capital of Amman, which might have pressured Obama to scrap the vacationer cease. But the climate cleared enough for him and his delegation to make the hour-long flight throughout Jordan’s rugged landscape, arriving in Petra under bright sunshine.

Of all the nations in the Center East, Jordan enjoys the fame of being the most secure one with numerous activities for the whole family and loads of Green Globe licensed hotels to select from in the event you choose to journey by yourself. One phrase of word is that given that Petra has limited assets for tourists, the best recommendation would be to e-book forward, book with a small-group operator, or journey in the off season (which runs from May to the top of August). Whenever you determine to go, a household ecotour through Jordan will present lasting recollections for all.

Aqaba is a coastal city that sits simply on the northeastern fringe of the Jordan Sea. This location is best known for its heat waters, various marine life and can also be a well-liked seaside and diving resort. As the result of its strategic format, this is the sole seaport in Jordan. Holidaymakers who wish to lie on heat beaches and revel in vigorous activities and entertainment, this is the right vacation spot. Situated close by are the Dead Sea and the Qumran Caves, where the Useless Sea Scrolls were found. Crossing over into Jordan, you may visit the world where Jesus is believed to have been baptized by John the Baptist.

The standard arrangement is for the speaker and a guest to journey on the cruise with passage totally free. Each cruise line has unique rules and you must evaluate their contract carefully to verify it meets your expectations. With luxury cruises sold at a number of thousand dollars per individual, the chance could be very attractive. Audio system are treated properly and while you cannot count on a top deck penthouse suite with a butler, your cabin will be very good. Whatever the line you sail with, a superb time is assured. Struggling slightly bit,” Murray said. “There have been a whole lot of long points, particularly at first of the match.

So what is the nation’s second most-visited site? The spot on the Jordan River the place Jesus was baptized by John the Baptist? Mount Nebo, where Moses first noticed The Promised Land? Or perhaps the biblical hangouts of Abraham, Aaron, Joshua, Lot, Ruth and Elijah. Or maybe the castles of crusader knights or the desert camps of the Arab army jordan holidays reviews of T.E. Lawrence. Petra’s runner-up is the ancient Greco-Roman metropolis of Jerash, about 30 miles north of what was once known as Philadelphia (in the present day Amman, the country’s capital).

Jordan is an enchanted land filled with placing surroundings, from natural wonders to historical historic sites. You possibly can walk by way of the identical desert the place Moses led his individuals on their forty-year journey and Alexander the Great traversed on his march to Egypt. Remarkably, little of the panorama has changed within the last 2,000 years. You can nonetheless explore the massive facades of historical buildings carved into crimson sandstone cliffs in Petra Jordan additionally played prominently into the Roman Empire. It served as a lavish and opulent trading middle. Many Roman buildings nonetheless exist, and you’ll go to them throughout Jordan.

To prepare himself further for his exploration, he spent two years in Aleppo, perfecting his Arabic and studying Islamic legislation, during which he became so fluent that questions of doctrine and exegesis had been dropped at him for interpretation. Then, having traveled to the ruins of Palmyra and Baalbeck and to the nice trading metropolis of Damascus in Syria, he continued to what is present-day Amman. Obama’s 24-hour visit to Jordan is his final cease in a 4-day journey to the Middle East. It is the first foreign trip of the president’s second term.

Susann Stacy: Ky. woman’s horrifying Facebook ‘selfie’ may have saved her life

A Kentucky woman, beaten bloody by her husband, used her cell phone to take a “selfie” – a self-image picture – and sent it out via Facebook with a call for help. The Business Insider reported Thursday that Susann Stacy’s horrific photo of her broken face and her urgent plea – “Help please anyone” – likely saved her life.

Stacy told police her husband, Donnie Stacy, confronted her after he overheard her on the phone talking in their bathroom to another man. The police report says he used a handgun to beat her and ripped out the phone line so she could not call for help.

According to the report, although Stacy had no reception on her cell phone, she did have Wi-Fi connectivity, so she sent out her selfie to her Facebook friends. Fortunately, one of her friends saw Stacy’s shocking photo and immediately phoned 911.

Leslie County Sheriff’s Deputy Sam Mullins commented on Stacy’s injuries.

“Several lacerations to the head. They appeared to be bad but we really couldn’t tell at the time, due to her hair was matted to her, and the blood,” Mullins said.

The couple lives in rural Leslie County, Ky. with a young son. Deputy Mullins said when they arrived, Donnie had fled the home, but was arrested a short time later. Police found the loaded weapon in the couple’s backyard by their son’s tire swing.

Cheerleader Sochi job: Ex-NFL cheerleader almost caught in sex trafficking ring

A former cheerleader was in Sochi on a job — a job that she thought was legit. It turns out, however, that she almost became a part of a sex trafficking ring. On Feb. 25, Mail Online reported that Brittney Cason was approached by a company that she thought was a talent agency. She interviewed with the company for four months, thinking that she was going to go to Sochi and cover the Olympics for them — a job of a lifetime, really. Turns out, it was all a set up. Cason said that the company’s want for her to bring “friends” along and their willingness to hand out visas alerted her that something wasn’t right.

The cheerleader knew this Sochi job was curious. “I spent four months applying and interviewing and he’s sending my friend a work visa without even seeing her work? Now, my friend is really talented, but wanting her passport and social security number before her reel (reporting and presenting clips) just seemed fishy to me,” Cason said.

And so the FBI got involved and Cason never made it to Sochi — and she’s lucky that she didn’t end up getting on a plane. “So many of the stories I’ve heard from survivors start with ‘I was hired for a modelling job,'” said Cason, clearly realizing that she could have been in a serious predicament had she flown to Sochi.

R Kelly’s son Jay: Girl comes out as transgender online, transition to proud boy

R. Kelly’s son, Jay, has come out publicly online to tell the world that he is transgender (and proud of it) this week. The 13-year-old teen made the major announcement regarding his sexuality on a social media site known as Ask.fm after being asked by a number of genuinely querying fans about the issue. NewsOxy shares this Wednesday, June 11, 2014, that Jay is proud of himself for sharing his coming out story with others, and he is reportedly ready to continue making that new transition from being a natural-born girl — the daughter of rapper R. Kelly, no less — to a full-fledged boy.

It may have been rumored in the past by quite a few followers of Jay Kelly, the son of R. Kelly, but the 13-year-old teen confirmed irrevocably this June 11 that he does indeed identify as a male, and considers himself a transgender boy. Jay was in fact born as a female, Jaya, the daughter of TV star Drea Kelly and singer-musician R. Kelly. Now, Jay wants to discuss his identity out in the open, and put to rest any lingering rumors about his sexuality.

“I believe that I am a boy and want surgery, and the medication to help me who I was supposed to be,” Jay said in regards to being transgender on the Ask.fm social media venue.

Over 13 years ago in late June of 2001, R. Kelly and Drea Kelly (who is now his ex) had a baby girl together, fondly named Jaya. Yet as Jaya grew older, the celebrity daughter felt that she wasn’t comfortable being in the identity of a girl, and soon began to consider herself a “he.” Now this June 2014 (only a few weeks before Jay’s birthday), Jaya has become “Jay,” who is proud to announce that he accepts himself as a transgender teen boy. The transition may not have been (or will be) an easy or quickly understood process, but R. Kelly’s son seems ready and willing.

Hollywood Life reveals this afternoon that confirmation of this announcement was made on Ask.fm, a unique social media forum that enables any users to make a special profile. From that profile, people from anywhere around the world can ask them private questions, including anonymous ones, and the profile creators can then answer which questions they choose. One recurring question, Jay said, was about his sexuality, and he finally acknowledged today the truth of him being transgender.

Equally important, fortunately, is that R. Kelly’s son Jay has added that his family is in support of his decision. While this transition from girl to boy is difficult enough as it is, it must be an overwhelmingly stressful ordeal to tackle this discovery of gender identity alone. Yet Jay won’t have to do that, as he said that his mom (as well as his siblings) have been proud and understanding of his confession, overall.

“[My mom] was like, ‘Baby, you know I love you if you were bi, gay, [lesbian], you name it and I would still love you so much,” wrote Jay of his mom’s supportive words.

Jay added to his eager listeners that at only age 13, he has not undergone any actual surgery quite yet. However, he already feels better now that his family is using male pronouns to refer to him, and R. Kelly’s son has begun binding his breasts to keep this female physical feature under wraps. He also is ready to start getting hormonal treatment and potential gender surgery at age 16 in order to become the man he wants to be.

It has not been verified at this time whether Jay’s father, R. Kelly, knows of this life-altering change. Congratulations on coming out and your bravery in providing inspiration to other transgender teens, Jay! Hopefully you will continue to serve as a role model for others struggling with a similar situation.

Porsha Williams ready to date again: ‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’ news

Porsha Williams seems ready to start dating seriously again, and she is using an online profile to find a match. Wetpaint reports on Wednesday that the housewife is ready to move past her marriage. Williams hopes online dating will help her meet a new man and forget Kordell Stewart.

Williams may still be incorrectly called Porsha Stewart by some fans, but the “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star does not want to be linked to her ex-husband at this point. She has been discussing some of her online dating strategies and has been preparing for a new relationship. Williams’ future on the reality program remains uncertain, but she is not letting this slow down her dating life.

Rumors about the upcoming season of the “Real Housewives of Atlanta” have already started, and NeNe Leakes claims that the show is not getting rid of any of its regular cast members. This means Williams could return, and fans may get more insight into her dating life. She may add extra drama to the reality program with her online profiles and search for a new man.

Williams is not letting her feud with Kenya Moore have an impact on her relationships, so she is ignoring the past season and the reunions. Although the housewife has made claims about enjoying the single life, she has been linked to several people in the past. Some fans believed the rumors that she was secretly dating Chad Ochocinco or Teodoro Nguema Obiang Mangue, but Williams denied them.

Williams has indicated she has no problems dating men who are younger than her or not in the entertainment industry. She talked about an unidentified boyfriend several weeks ago, but she appears to be single again. The housewife is allegedly considering the possibility of joining “Millionaire Matchmaker” to find a new love interest.

Advice from VP Biden sends Wash. man to jail for illegal weapon discharge

Washington state resident Jeffrey Barton plead not guilty Wednesday to illegally charging a firearm. The man claimed that Monday morning, he spotted suspicious individuals that he suspected were trying to break into his cars. Sensing a threat, Barton grabbed his shotgun, went outside and fired a blast into the air in an attempt to scare off the intruders. The plan worked, but Washington police were still plenty irritated with Barton’s tactics.

Normally this kind of thing would get virtually no coverage whatsoever, except Barton has a pretty unique defense. “I did what Joe Biden told me to do,” Barton said outside court. “I went outside and fired my shotgun in the air.”

The “advice” Barton is referring to came from some comments Biden made earlier in the year when he was on a cross country tour advocating for gun control. “Buy a shotgun,” Biden said at the time. “You don’t need an AR-15. It’s harder to aim, it’s harder to use and in fact, you don’t need 30 rounds to protect yourself.”

While it’s shocking to think that the Vice President isn’t in the know on the widely varying gun laws in each of the 50 states he oversees, that seems to be the case as Clark County sheriff’s deputies have stated that residents are only allowed to fire their weapons into the air in matters of self-defense or life threatening danger.

Bigfoot killed: Mythical monster found dead? Rick Dyer hoax fools using photo

Has Bigfoot been killed by none other than mythical monster hunter Rick Dyer? A new report from Dyer asserts that the man has indeed found the real Bigfoot this time, and that he’s been shot dead. eCanadaNow News reports this Monday, Feb. 24, 2014, that the massive hoax allegedly fooled quite a bit of people after Dyer posted some seemingly convincing photos to social media sites, and has since been taking the hairy corpse on “tour” for others to see.

Talk of Bigfoot killed had hopefuls of the mythical monster’s existence raving this week. Enthusiasts of Bigfoot are likely familiar with the name of Rick Dyer, who is a self-expressed fan and searcher of the creature. He garnered himself international fame back in 2008 after claiming that a lifelike gorilla suit he’d recently bought and filled was in fact the dead monster. During this 2014 find, however, Dyer swears that he has found the real Bigfoot, and — via photographic evidence — he’s dead and in his possession.

Of course, many people are understandably wary that this is just another hoax. The Rick Dyer Bigfoot killed news hit headlines after the aficionado claimed that he was able to shot and slay the 800 pound creature after drawing him out from the wild using only Wal-mart ribs. He added that he now has gathered both DNA proof and actual body scans that will verify to all the mythical monster nonbelievers that he has indeed discovered Bigfoot and taken the shaggy body for his own.

At this time, however, Dyer hasn’t actually shown any of this alleged evidence or DNA verifications, and as such the world remains very skeptical of this potential hoax. At this time, it appears that Dyer hopes for people — his fans or not — to determine whether they think having Bigfoot killed could be the real deal. Now, Dyer is out on a tour carrying the massive body in a literal glass coffin, and is hoping for people to come forward and look at his alleged discovery.

Quite a few people believe that Rick Dyer must have found the real Bigfoot, as they are willing to pay a full $20 to just get a look at this mythical monster. Some shows are even selling out before all fans can pay for a ticket to see the killed creature. Not everyone, however, is convinced.

‘I’m not convinced,’ said Mario Lopez, after taking a look with his wife Julia and their three children. ‘I believe the Roger Patterson footage is authentic because you can see the muscles and everything on there, but this one was kind of different. But he did mention that after the autopsy the body kind of changes,’ he said to a local news source.

Another visitor said the photos drew her in, and glimpsing the embalmed Bigfoot up close is an unbelievable sight.

How Shapes and Colours Will Help Your Kid’s Growth

Colours for boys and girls living plus learning improvement. Shapes and colorations arouse much of our mental activity. The Universe is really a magnetic field involving positive and negative charges, consistently vibrating and generating electro-magnetic waves.

Every wave contains a different speed of vibration plus wavelength, Generating a electro magnetic sphere.
White light when looked at through a prism as well as water vapour divides into the colours of the spectrum.
Value of colour all through child advancement.

Different cycles of shifting colours alter our bodies and thought process at varied stages of existence. A child’s colour personal preferences can change in time.

Your youngster’s level of advancement in addition to age can change the colours they like as well as don’t like. A Report on people that have depressive disorder has shown us that the colours people today select to surround themselves with have got a great impression their health along with emotional well-being.

At age 2 to 8 years rounded forms and soft soft colours are said to be beneficial to nursery and bedroom’s, young children between 7 and 11 years more vivid colours in addition to shapes were introduced, and gentle greens and more mathematical designs from 10 years till teenage years, was found to be significantly less distracting to the psychological focus of every level of improvement. Colour and the growth and development of toddlers. Infant nurseries are best suitable to creams and gentle colour tones such as pinks along with creams, that will radiate tranquil and friendliness and therefore are psychologically comforting and motivating. Filling up empty locations inside a Infant’s living space with the proper colours together with designs can significantly improve the Baby’s advancement all through the various phases of growth. A Kids emotional as well as mental growth can be drastically improved by using Wall Stickers and Decals.- Lila Dragun – Australian National University

A Child environment has a substantial influence on their mood and behavior, altering an empty wall with wall stickers stimulate the mind to a more significant level. Wall decal encourages children to use their imagination and helps them to recognise colours, shapes and objects. It can assist with learning and development, Enhancing your baby’s capacity to learn and absorb information. The first years of a Child’s life is spent in their bed room and their bedroom surrounding equals a high percent of their visual awareness, therefore it is very important to make a vibrant and interesting home or nursery they are going to associate as a enjoyable and safe place. The more positive the environment gets, the better they are going to sleep. Babies have been found to relax in a place for a longer time when it is filled with more stimulative visual tones.

William Eubank discusses his latest sci-fi film ‘The Signal’

Imagine waking up in an unknown place, where things appear to be one thing but aren’t, and you’re left with the painstakingly daunting task of trying to get home – but continuously run into dead ends. That’s a pretty basic explanation of the premise of the new sci-fi thriller “The Signal” which opens Friday, June 13, but fortunately it is one of those films where the less you the know the better. In Philadelphia to promote the film, director William Eubank (“Love”) sat down to discuss and give some insight into the making of and the casting decisions behind it.

When asked if he had Laurence Fishburne in mind to play the character Damon when he conceived the film, Eubank shared, “You know, he was always like a powerful person. I usually think of characters from particular movies when I’m doing a movie. When I was conceiving (“The Signal” with co-writers Carlyle Eubanks, David Frigerio), I always envisioned Damon as Anton Chigurh from “No Country For Old Men.” Just in terms of his power and presence. And so when it comes time to cast, you’re like who can bring that gravity and weight. And I never would have thought I would have got Laurence Fishburne! He enjoyed reading the script, came on board and we were really fortunate to have him.”

In discussing why he chose to present the lead character Nic as having a physical illness, Eubank stated “It’s not meant to be the focus, just more of a background. Part of the reason I open the movie the way I do (a scene that displays a physical challenge) is because I want people to realize that’s not really what defines him as a person. His disability isn’t him. It might be something that hides in the back of his mind at times, and compels him to act in certain ways or say certain things, but he knows he’s not defined by it.”

The director also shared that he intentionally made a movie that the audience would question if it was an origin story, and wanted to do a movie that took the Area 51 mythology and flipped it. And he has certainly achieved just that with “The Signal,” because this film is an enigma and the audience will leave the theater with plenty of questions and theories. But they won’t be able to find those answers in the trailer, which was nominated for a “Golden Trailer Award” – one that Eubank is extremely proud of as an admitted “lover” of trailers and as a director who was hands on with creating it.

Eubank is also a self-described “Twilight Zone” fan, and fans of that show may be able to draw parallels to “The Signal.” Eubanks favorite episode is “Stopover in a Quiet Town,” in which a husband and wife wake up in a strange place, where things aren’t as they appear to be, and keep running into dead ends trying to make their way home. Sound familiar?

Blake Lively’s makeup free outing causes a stir with fans

Blake Lively went makeup free during an outing over the weekend. The outing is getting the former star of “Gossip Girl” some attention. Lively was seen at the airport in New York City on Saturday, and she was definitely trying to keep a low profile. The Christian Post shared the details about Blake’s au natural outing on June 10.

It is not known where the actress was headed on Saturday when she spotted at the airport. She was without Ryan Reynolds for the trip though. The actress was spotted wearing a “skater shoes, skinny jeans, and a leather jacket worn over several layers and paired with a green scarf.” The actress wore a black felt hat on her head, and it was pulled down. Even with the efforts made by the actress to hide in public, she was spotted, and her fresh faced looked had fans surprised.

Blake is an actress known for her style and beauty tips. She is rarely seen out without makeup, so this outing definitely earned her some attention on Saturday. Lively has been known to share her beauty and fashion tips to magazines. She spoke about her passion for fashion in an interview with Harper’s Bazaar last year.

Lively spoke about her love to experiment with her makeup choices, especially around the holidays. She said the following to the magazine: “I think there’s something about the holidays, they’re so festive, that allows you to really play and be much more experimental. I wear a lot more glitter around the holidays so I’m always wearing different glitter nail polish or fun metallic eye shadow.”

Celeb Buzz did share some photos of the actress at JFK International Airport as well. Her look is shown up close, and it is clear this young actress looks great with or without makeup. The 26-year-old Lively is married to Ryan Reynolds. The couple married in 2012. Reynolds was previously married to Scarlett Johansson.

Since the end of “Gossip Girl” on CW, Lively has kept quiet on the movie and television front. Her last film was “Savages.” That film co-starred Taylor Kitsch, and it was released 2012. Lively does another film in the works though. “The Age of Adaline” started production in March, and it wrapped production last month. Harrison Ford co-stars with Lively in the romantic drama. Ellen Burstyn also stars in the film. The plot of the film involves a “woman who stops aging after an accident and then meets the man of her dreams after years of solitude.”

Since production on her film wrapped, she has attended several events in New York City, and she definitely dressed up for these events. She was solo for these events as well. Her husband is filming his next project in the UK at the moment. The couple did manage to sneak some time together at the Cannes Film Festival, according to Mail Online.