Award Winning Letting Agent Acquires Martin and Co Gloucester

B.A.T.L.E. – Bullying Consciousness By way of Legislation Enforcement is a complete and neighborhood based strategy to harassment, intimidation, and bullying and its related consequences of substance abuse by means of info sharing, preparedness, and response. Undertaking B.A.T.L.E. was developed by the Gloucester Township Police Department and is a new strategy in offering priceless assets to juveniles and their families. This program consists of 5 separate elements every designed particularly to address the growing national drawback of bullying and its many unfavorable effects on our youth. Undertaking B.A.T.L.E. is also being considered for potential future wider implementation by the Camden County ProsecutorâEUR(TM)s Office.

In the summertime of 1944 he happened to bump into William Donald McSwann who he had first met in 1936. On 9th September 1944 the two males went for a drink at The Goat in Kensington Excessive Street. They then went to 79 Gloucester Highway, the place Haigh had a workshop. Right here Haigh smashed McSwann’s skull and put his physique in a water-butt that he had stuffed with acid. He then went around to see McSwann’s dad and mom, with whom he received quite effectively with, and informed them that their son had gone into hiding to keep away from the decision-up.

IV. MATTHEW GALE JR. (1727 – CA. 1812) was born to Matthew and Judith Edwards Gale in 1727 in Gloucester County, Virginia. He married MARY E. (UNKNOWN) and had youngsters. He was one of the leaders of the Baptist religion, organized in Caroline County in 1767. County residents, primarily aristocrats who have been predominately Church of England, opposed the brand new faith and the Caroline County Courtroom sent Lieutenant Anthony Thornton and his constables to raid a Baptist service at Henry Goodloe’s plantation on Campbell’s Creek. Preachers John Waller and Henry Goodloe have been arrested and the congregation ordered to disperse.

That is my second post, my first being to introduce myself on the “Maine archers” thread. I am brand new to the sport of archery. After some exhaustive analysis and a ton of time on here studying posts I made a decision that a Martin can be my first bow. I ended up getting a new ’09 Martin Firehawk and I completely find it irresistible. After a bit of tweaking it simply feels so clean and pure. It’s just like the factor was customized made for me or something. If you beloved this article and you also would like to get more info with regards to letting agents in stroud gloucestershire please visit the webpage. I have it set at about 60lb with a 28″ draw. I’ve had it about a week and have been outside capturing each evening.

These issues – privatisation of governmentinformation, suppression of patents, ownership of genetic informationand data not owned by the true creator – are signs of adeeper problem with the entire idea of mental property. Unlikegoods, there are not any physical obstacles to offering an abundance ofideas. (Indeed, the bigger downside may be an oversupply of ideas.)Intellectual property is an attempt to create a man-made scarcityin order to offer rewards to some on the expense of the various.Mental property aggravates inequality. It fosterscompetitiveness over info and ideas, whereas cooperation makesmuch extra sense.

Tracy Morgan undergoes surgery to repair broken leg

Commedian Tracy Morgan who was involved in a traffic accident underwent surgery to repair his leg on June 8, 2014 at the Robert Wood Johnson Hospital. The crash broke Tracy’s nose, leg, femur and several ribs ABC News reports.

Spokesman and publicist, Lewis Kay said in statement, “We expect him to remain in the hospital for several weeks. His family is tremendously overwhelmed and appreciative of the outpouring of love and support from his fans.”

The update on Tracy, according to Lewis Kay, is, “He has been more responsive, which is an incredibly encouraging sign.”

The accident happened Saturday morning around 1 a.m. when a tractor trailer slammed into the limo bus that Tracy and six others traveled in. Tracy, fellow passengers Jeffrey Millea, Ardie Fuqua Jr. are listed in critical condition. Harris Stanton was treated and released. James McNair, also known as Jimmy Mack, from Peeksville, New York passed away in the crash.

The limo driver, Tyrone Gale, told ABC News that after the vehicle turned over, he was disoriented at first. He said, “I climbed around and heard Tracy screaming for help. I climbed up on the body of the limo bus … but I couldn’t reach them.”

The truck driver, Kevin Roper allegedly failed to notice that the traffic had slowed down until it was too late. he swerved to avoid other vehicles, but slammed into Tracy’s limo bus instead. The incident caused six vehicle collision, but only the members in Tracy’s limo were injured.

Kevin is a driver for Wal-Mart. According to the Middlesex County Prosecutor’s Office, he turned himself in to the state police and was later released on $50,000 bond. A court hearing is set for Monday.

Spokesman David Tovar, a Wal-Mart spokesman, reports that Kevin is on Administrative leave from his Wal-mart truck driving job.

Bill Simon, the president of Wal-Mart issued a statement that if law enforcement finds that his truck is to blame, his company “will take full responsibility.”

Tracy was on his way home from Dover, Delaware after performing at the Dover DownHotel & Casino. Tracy is known for his acting in Saturday Night Live and 30 Rock. He starred in two episodes of Animal Planets, “Tanked.” Brett Raymer and Wayde King built Tracy a shark tank and a octopus tank.

Charged in kids with heroin: Man, woman arrested for first grader with heroin

A man and a woman have been charged after a first grade child brought 11 packets of the powerful drug heroin to school. A Philadelphia first grade teacher found one of her students playing with a packet of heroin and then discovered bite marks on one of the envelopes of the two packets that had been opened. This resulted in 20 children going to the hospital, according to MSN News on June 11. It was a harrowing few minutes at the Commodore John Barry Elementary School in the Cobbs Creek section of the city when one of the children complained of a stomach ache after the heroin was discovered. This urgent class trip to the Children’s Hospital in Philadelphia ended when the students were checked out and it was found that none of the kids had ingested the drug, which could have killed them. CBS Local News reports that Police were called to the school when the illegal drug was first discovered on the child. Lt. John Walker explained that they had found one of the two envelopes that had been opened with bite marks on the envelope. This indicated to the police that a child used their teeth to open the envelope. When one of the kids complained they felt sick, police weren’t taking any chances. This was why they made the decision that the kids needed to get checked out medically. Needless to say the parents of the other students were shaken after learning that the illegal drug had made its way into a first grade class. Even a small amount of this drug, which is in powder form, could kill an adult, never mind a small child. One of the parents of the kids from the classroom said about the little girl who brought the drugs into school, “Apparently she was playing with the packet and showing it off.” The mother of the child who brought the drugs into school declined to comment to the media. She was taken to the police station to be questioned. Later on in the day she was charged along her boyfriend. Marie Hunter, 32, and 28-year-old Christopher Jenkins were charged with child endangerment and narcotic possession. First grade students are not searched as they enter the school, so that is how the drugs came in undetected on this child. This was a frightening ordeal for the 20 families of the children taken to the hospital after the heroin was discovered in their classroom. This is not the first time a child came to school having this illegal drug with them. Back in March a toddler in a New Jersey Day Care was found to have 50 packets of heroin stuffed into her coat. A daycare worker discovered this when she was helping the child with his jacket. The father of the child was arrested in that incident. You can read more about that incident in the article below in the “Suggested by the Author” section.

Daniel Craig anti-rape PSA sends strong message, but will it make a difference?

The newly released Daniel Craig anti-rape PSA which also featured A-list actors Benicio Del Toro, Steve Carell, Dulé Hill, Seth Meyers, and Steve Carell, seeks to raise awareness across America regarding sexual abuse. U.S. Vice President Joe Biden announced that the video, which can already be seen on YouTube, is part of a campaign to encourage people to say something and act if they see someone at risk of sexual assault.

As pointed out by Hollywood Life yesterday, the Daniel Craig anti-rape PSA sends a powerful message that primarily focuses on rape on college campuses. The video, which was posted by the White House’s YouTube account, comes shortly after President Barack Obama urged universities to take more action to reduce sexual assaults on their campuses, Slate explained.

President Obama and Vice President Biden also speak in the video and the U.S. leaders suggested that the video’s message is directed to everyone, not just men. Obama says: “It’s up to all of us to put an end to sexual assault.” He continued…”and that starts with you.”

“If she doesn’t consent, or if she can’t consent, it’s rape. It’s assault,” says Benicio Del Toro, who gained worldwide fame for his roles in hit-films such as The Usual Suspects (1995) and Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas (1998).

“It’s a crime…It’s wrong.” adds Carell, known for starring in the TV series, “The Office.” In turn, Daniel Craig, famous for his role as James Bond in the 007 films, says…”If I saw it happening, I’d never blame her. I’d help her.”

The White House in January created a task force to protect students from sexual assault, and they recently presented a set of recommendations to address the problem in universities and a website notalone gov was established to provide support to sex abuse victims and information to students.

Although the Daniel Craig anti-rape PSA aims to reduce sexual assault everywhere, Biden says the issue is a big problem on school campuses and he recently stated that universities can not keep pretending that rape or sexual abuse does not exist on their campuses. He gave the following statement: “Colleges and universities need to face the facts about sexual assault. No more turning a blind eye or pretending it doesn’t exist. We need to give victims the support they need, like a confidential place to go, and we need to bring the perpetrators to justice.”

Beyonce and Jay Z divorce rumors: Jay Z’s philandering pushes Beyonce away?

Beyonce and Jay Z are surrounded by a whirlwind of divorce rumors, which were reportedly prompted by reports of Jay Z’s cheating with Rita Ora and Rihanna. Are the couple headed for divorce court? There is some evidence that suggests that this could be the case today.

According to The Inquisitr on June 7, the possibility certainly is strengthened by recent incidents like last month’s fight scene in the elevator between Beyonce’s protective sister and Jay Z. Once the fur stopped flying it was revealed that Jay Z’s flirting with Rachel Roy at the Met Gala triggered that fight.

According to Fashion and Style, once Jay Z and Beyonce finish up with their “On the Run” tour, the two are rumored to be headed for divorce. They too cite the allegations of Jay Z hooking up with famous ladies such as Rihanna and Rita Ora as the reason.

Is Jay Z that much of a player to be tied to more than one woman in extramarital affairs? Reports put Beyonce fed up with the cheating and the lies today and it appears she isn’t feeling too alone as Jay Z’s alleged flings take time away from the couple. She allegedly found a fix to her loneliness with a long-time body guard.

It appears that Jay Z isn’t the only one giving out vibes of infidelity these days. Reports suggest that Beyonce’s relationship with her body guard is putting a wedge in between her and Jay Z.

Julius De Boer has been with Beyonce for quite some time and back in February, Jay Z wanted him gone because he suspected a romance blooming between his wife and her protector. Beyonce said “Julius isn’t going anywhere” and that was the end of that, he is still with the singer.

According to the rumors Julius has even stayed in Beyonce’s room. While that does sound a bit scandalous, he certainly wouldn’t be the first bodyguard to stay in a celebrity’s room. When Beyonce is away on tour, especially in another country, it could be that that it gets a bit scary being saturated with fans.

Celebrities have stalkers and fans that push the envelope when it comes to finding ways to get near them. If Beyonce did have her body guard in her room, it could be for a reason along these lines, for nothing more than protection.

Then again there’s always the possibility that they’ve spent so much time together that the two have become close in the romance department. She certainly wouldn’t be the first celebrity who hooked up with their body guard. Even Princess Diana was rumored to have had an affair with a body guard.

The couple’s recent behaviors, like the brawl on the elevator between Solange and Jay Z. Solange was supposedly protecting the honor of her sister as Jay Z played the ladies man at the Met Gala with Roy. Then Beyonce and Jay Z didn’t make it to Kanye West and Kim Kardashian’s wedding, even though Kanye and Jay Z are best friends.

It was rumored that Jay Z’s flirting with Rachel Roy, who is Kim’s best friend and who was attending the wedding, caused an angry Beyonce to refuse to go to the wedding. These recent incidents have fueled the fire for divorce rumors.

Hugh Jackman gets bald to play Blackbeard, devastates fans

Hugh Jackman’s gorgeous hair has walked the plank. The actor had to shave his mane for a movie role, but fans are not happy that the bald superhero star now looks more like Professor X than Wolverine.

According to a June 11 report by the Irish Examiner, Hugh’s fans were devastated when he unveiled his shiny new dome on Instagram. One upset follower wrote, “Uh excuse me plz tell me this is fake (sic).” Unfortunately for that baldist, Hugh’s lack of hair is the real deal. He let his fans know why he had to let his hair go by writing, “Blackbeard is born. #PAN. (sic).”

Hugh Jackman is set to play the legendary pirate Blackbeard in “Pan,” a movie about the origins of the boy who refused to grow up. This new twist on the fairy tale is set during World War 2. Peter Pan (Levi Miller) is an orphan who gets kidnapped by pirates. he gets whisked away to Neverland, where he’ll face off against Blackbeard. Garrett Hedlund stars as a Hook who is nothing like the Disney movie baddie. Instead of being Blackbeard’s evil equal, Hook starts out as Peter Pan’s pal. Amanda Seyfried plays Mary (her character might be Wendy’s mother), and Rooney Mara is the head-scratching choice for the Tiger Lily role.

We’re used to seeing Blackbeard portrayed as your typical hairy pirate. Ian McShane rocked a matted mane to play the marauder in “Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides,” and Charles Mesure also rocked long locks as Blackbeard in the “Once Upon a Time” TV series. However, it looks like we’re seeing a new pirate hair trend in Hollywood. John Malkovich is currently playing Blackbeard on the NBC TV series “Crossbones,” and he’s also sporting a bald head (he and Hugh Jackman should really consider getting together to swap swashbuckling stories, and Malkovich should convince him to try that crazy corsair headache cure that involves pushing needles into the skull).

The bald look makes sense for a pirate if you stop and think about it. They spent weeks at a time on ships without access to bathtubs, and there’s no telling what kind of pests infested their vessels. Hugh Jackman and John Malkovich are probably just trying to avoid getting fleas, ticks, and lice. Are you a fan of the bald pirate look, or do miss Johnny Depp’s mangy, mangled mane?

Jennifer Lopez pulls out of opening ceremony at World Cup

Jennifer Lopez has decided to pull out of the World Cup opening ceremony leaving them to figure out what to do just four days before the big event. On Sunday, Yahoo shared how she actually recorded the official song for the World Cup. She was supposed to perform “We Are One,” with rapper Pitbull and Brazilian singer Claudia Leitte but now she is saying she won’t do it. This all comes right after her big split with boyfriend Casper Smart.

So far everyone else will still be there to perform but this “American Idol” judge is not going. There is no reason out yet of why she won’t attend the event either. You have to easily assume it is because of personal reasons.

The show must go on but they have not said how they will perform “We Are One” without her. Pittbull still has big plans to make it to his performance. They have performed it without her before so they will make it work.

The Waterfront Buffet at Harrah’s offering very special Father’s Day menu

If you want to treat the special man in your life to a very special meal on Father’s Day but you’re not quite sure what he really likes, take him to the Waterfront Buffet at Hararh’s. Whatever your special guy loves to eat is sure to be there!

The Waterfront Buffet is the top buffet in any casino in Atlantic City. The scenery is lovely with the palms of the hotel pool right next door. The décor is open and airy and there is plenty of seating. Service is superb. But what’s a buffet without great food and a lot of it, right?

The Waterfront Buffet normally serves up anything you could ever want, whether it be for brunch or dinner. But for Father’s Day, there will be a very special dinner menu served from 4 to 9 p.m. Here’s a very small sampling.

At the Carving Station

Garlic Herb Crusted Turkey Breast
Pecan Crusted Rack of Pork
Steakhouse Slow Roasted BBQ Beef

At the American Station

New York Strip Steak grilled to order
Killer BBQ Wings
Fried Chicken

At the Italian Station

Roast Pork Osso Buco
Mussels in Garlic and Basil Pesto
Pasta in Garlic Oil with Spring Vegetables

At the Seafood Station

Pit Grilled Scottish Salmon
Baha Fish or Cajun Shrimp Taco Bar
Clam Bake

At the Asian Station

Chicken Pad Thai
Yang Chow Fried Rice
Maki Rolls

Along with these great dishes will be all the trimmings, both standard sides and the more unusual ones. And if you still have room for dessert, get ready for things like fresh cake donuts and bananas foster, not to mention a selection of yummies from Pastry Chef Supreme Deb Pellegrino.

All you have to do is bring that special man in your life to Harrah’s on Sunday, June 15, from 4 to 9 p.m. If that’s too late, brunch is available from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. Cost is $39.99 per person plus tax. And that’s for all you can eat. It’s a buffet!

Happy Father’s Day!

Spoiler Alert, The Cornelia Marie is back on ‘Deadliest Catch’

On the “Deadliest Catch”, the Cornelia Marie is back. She is getting ready to head out on the Bering Sea to fish for crab!

It’s been around four years since that blue boat went out on the Bering Sea. Faithful fans are in for a treat in this week’s episode of the “Deadliest Catch.” Josh Harris not only owns the boat, he is the skipper in training. Helping to train him is long time family friend, Captain Casey McManus. He said that he has a fine line to walk because Josh is the owner and skipper. He went on to say that his dad made a promise to Phil Harris to take care of the boys and the best way he knows how to help the boys is to teach them how to successfully run the boat.

Phil Harris passed away in 2010. He had a massive stroke, which landed him in the hospital. A pulmonary embolism claimed his life shortly afterwards. Even though Josh and Jake tried to keep the boat running, they could not. Josh worked on the Time Bandit with Captain John and Captain Andy Hillstrand. Jake went to work briefly on the Northwestern for Sig Hansen, but he had several problems, which prevented him from working to his full potential. He was addicted to prescription drugs and alcohol. He left the Northwestern to seek help.

Before Josh can take the Cornelia Marie out on the water, he has to get the gear ready. The four years of being idle took its toll on the pots. All the netting has holes that need mending, and the lines have rotted and weakened.

John and Andy Hillstrand pay Josh a visit as he’s fixing the pots. They bring Josh a shirt with a special message on the back. On the front it says, “I’m the S.H.I.T.” Then, on the back, it reads,





Welcome Back Cornelia Marie and Josh Harris. No word on whether Jake Harris is coming back, but it’s probably only a matter of time.

Watch the “Deadliest Catch” on the Discovery Channel, Tuesdays at 8 p.m. central.

Ramona Samuels ensures The Voicebox makes you heard

Bienvenido, Bienvenue, Dobro požalovat; all ways of simply saying ‘Welcome’ to the masses. For one verse in speaking Spanish, French and Russian accent, Ramona Samuels hopes to introduce more of the public at large to her pet project, one voice at a time.

Samuels is the founder of Voicebox Jamaica, otherwise known as The Voicebox, a voice acting agency she created in September 2010 after voicing radio commercials to help promote a friend’s party and garnering attention from DJs and promoters for her accent-laded promos, deciding to turn this fast-growing hobby into a business. Her flirty, sensual voice can be heard across various promos in Jamaica, speaking fluently in foreign accents to garner listener interest.

Though it was four years ago Samuels opted to professionalize her craft, she developed a passion for voice acting during childhood.

“I have always been obsessed with accents from I was a little girl,” she said in an interview Wednesday. “I would always imitate the news announcers I heard on television and read to my friends while I was in school. It was mostly the British sound that I tried and loved; but I started taking it seriously when my friend Moyo asked me to voice his radio advert for his annual event. He usually uses a recording artiste but somehow, this time, he asked me. I thought to myself what could I do to make this advert sound different, and so I tried that spiffy English sound and he loved it. I felt very proud.”

Advertisements were the gyst of The Voicebox’s framework in the initial stages. But it has seen become more well-rounded, garnering the attention of corporate Jamaica and America in particular.

“The early days of The Voicebox was just mainly me doing party ads and being fun and quirky, with all different sounds and characters,” she said. “I now, however, have tapped into the corporate market and I am getting more corporate contracts.”

Some of her favourite exploits with The Voicebox include working on a local promotional campaign for last season’s UEFA Champions League as well as doing voice work for Australian disc jock, DJ Black Belt.

With her journalistic experiences, having worked with Jamaican entertainment stations, MDTV and RETV, public speaking has naturally become her forte, making voice acting a relatively easy skill she hopes to make relatable across the board. On the contrary, with voice acting being somewhat unheralded in Jamaica, Samuels admits locally there needs to me more education about it.

“As far as Jamaica is concerned some persons are still a little unsure as to what voice acting is,” she said. “The truth is there is so much to voice acting and it can be very diverse and there is really not much limitations. Everyone has been very encouraging and impressed with what I have started. I am hoping to do lots of work with animators and cartoonists because that’s where the more challenging acting skills come in.”

In the meantime, she is passing on her knowledge of voice acting to others as she looks to recruit talent from across the world.

“Right now I am mostly writing and voicing radio and television commercials,” she revealed. “I also have new talent that I am coaching and getting to understand their voice acting skills. I am also studying Spanish which is another feature that will be offered. I have a few bookings coming up for the hosting of live events and as far as expanding the brand itself as an agency outlet for talent; artiste management is underway. I network daily and I am very excited about the opportunities that exist. There is no other like The Voicebox right now in Jamaica.”