Oklahoma botches execution of Clayton Lockett following drug controversy

Clayton Lockett was officially administered a cocktail of three drugs at 6:23 p.m. which were expected to execute him within moments. After 16 minutes into the execution, officials closed the viewing window and stated the execution would be halted. Lockett could still be seen struggling, breathing heavy, and attempting to raise his head.

Robert Patton, director of the Oklahoma Department of Corrections, spoke to the media afterwards, stating that the execution was botched and that Lockett was declared dead from a heart attack at 7:06 p.m. Patton told media that the drugs were all administered but did not have the desired effect.

The execution of Charles Warner, which was to follow the execution of Lockett at 8 p.m., has been postponed for 14 days.

The dual execution had recently been put back on track after a series of court challenges by the inmates. The inmates had challenged the state to disclose information on the execution drugs, as well as where the state obtained them.

Oklahoma’s Supreme Court declared that the inmates had no right to the information, and the executions were quickly rescheduled.

The combination of drugs administered Tuesday was the first time for Oklahoma. The lawsuit by the inmates stated that the drugs could possibly cause severe pain and would violate the Eighth Amendment.

Lockett, 38, was convicted in 2000 for the 1999 rape and murder of Stephanie Nieman, as well as multiple other convictions. Warner, 46, was convicted in 2003 for the 1997 rape and murder of 11-month-old Adrianna Waller.

Black Music Month 2014: June 12 musical salute to The Temptations

It’s Black Music Month. Enjoy the 2014 series. Support the artists. Buy their licensed music. And turn up as you dance along.

Brief history: In 2010, I wrote a music series honoring Black Music Month on Associated Content’s site (republished on Examiner). The focus was to honor new R&B singers, veteran R&B singers, solo rappers, and evenly split the musical salute between female and male rappers. The only artists I was not willing to split up were Salt n’ Pepa because they worked as a unit. In 2014, it’s about time to salute more artists, but in the spirit of Salt n’ Pepa’s legacy, R&B groups and rap groups will be included. The pattern in 2014 will be newer R&B singers (from 2000 to present), R&B and/or hip-hop groups, veteran R&B singers, and then solo rappers, still evenly split between women and men.

Black Music Month Turn Up Factor “Turn down for what?”: Third of September. June 12. Doesn’t matter. The Temptations are top-notch every day of the year. The members have changed, some voluntarily while others passed on, but there’s nothing like the original group with Otis Williams, David Ruffin, Eddie Kendricks, Paul Williams and Melvin Franklin. For music fans who have not seen the 1998 film based on this group of five, it’s never too late.

My Connection/First Memory to Artist: My parents listened to The Temptations all of the time when I was a kid. Knowing The Temptations was about as mandatory as knowing multiplication. I did one around the same time as the other. I’m pretty sure I could recite all of the songs my parents owned on 45s by third grade. Marvin Gaye will always come in first on my R&B list, but The Temptations are a strong second. Not only that, but my friends were old souls, too. I remember a debate at a Girl Scouts meeting about whether “Papa Was a Rolling Stone” had the lyrics “All he left us was alone” or “All he left us was a loan.” Everybody else was doing arts and crafts. My friends were debating about oldies.

Numbers Don’t Lie: The Temptations never made a song that wasn’t worth its weight, but some songs really took off. Songs that made it to the Top 100 are “My Girl” (13 weeks on the Billboard charts, peaked at number one), “Beauty Is Only Skin Deep” (12 weeks, peaked at number three), “(I Know) I’m Losing You” and “All I Need” (10 weeks, peaked at number eight), “You’re My Everything” (12 weeks, peaked at number six), “I Wish It Would Rain” (14 weeks, peaked at number four), “Just My Imagination (Running Away With Me)” (15 weeks, peaked at number one), “Ball Of Confusion (That’s What The World Is Today)” (15 weeks, peaked at number three), “Psychedelic Shack” (11 weeks, peaked at number seven), “I Can’t Get Next To You” (17 weeks, peaked at number one), “Run Away Child, Running Wild” and “Cloud Nine” (12 weeks, peaked at number six) and more.

Dina Manzo responds to haters: ‘Real Housewives of New Jersey’ news

Dina Manzo is tired of the haters, and she believes reality television stars face an uphill battle in the industry. Wetpaint reports on Wednesday that the “Real Housewives of New Jersey” star discussed her views about reality TV on radio. Manzo believes viewers can get past the stigma of reality television and see her real personality.

Manzo has recently been accused of not being nice by a fan on Twitter, but she has responded by claiming she is simply sassy. It is comments similar to this one that show many viewers have preconceived notions about reality television shows such as the “Real Housewives of New Jersey.” However, Manzo hopes her personality is enough to prove she is authentic and not a drama queen created for ratings.

The housewife has been busy promoting her Project Ladybug charity that helps children with cancer, and she has made frequent posts about it on Twitter. She has gained the support of other housewives on the show for her cause, so they are also promoting the nonprofit. She is also preparing for the Fourth Annual Ladybug Bash while she spends time in Chicago for the charity. Manzo has been careful to avoid naming people in her comments about reality television, but fans should be prepared for the usual drama to appear on the “Real Housewives of New Jersey.”

As the air date of the new season gets closer, more rumors are appearing online about the cat fights and issues among the housewives. Manzo is not immune from the problems, and her friendship with Teresa Giudice could be tested. Bravo has promised viewers will see something different this season, but details are still limited. However, Giudice will not be the only source of the issues because Amber Marchese and the Napolitano twins will add their own fire.

Julia Roberts divorce? Cheating rumors with Mark Ruffalo on ‘Normal Heart’ set

Julia Roberts divorce rumors and cheating gossip are heating up the Web today, as sources from The National Enquirer are claiming that the “Pretty Woman” has been seen getting quite flirty with none other than “The Normal Heart” co-star, Mark Ruffalo. While there has been word of Roberts’ and husband Danny Moder’s relationship being on the rocks lately, a potential act of infidelity might be the cause of a forthcoming split. WonderWall News shares this Monday, June 9, 2014, that the rumor mill might be the only truth to this buzz, however, as no public statement has been given by Roberts, Moder, or their reps at this point in time.

According to the report, talks of a Julia Roberts divorce from her husband Danny Moder are in the works this week. The alleged reason for the impending breakup among the well-known celebrity couple that have been married for over 12 years (not to mention have three children together)? You guessed it — a cheating scandal.

Insiders from The National Enquirer are currently claiming that Julia Roberts has in fact already cheated on her husband. The home wrecker is said to be Mark Ruffalo, one of the male leads starring in the hotly anticipated “The Normal Heart.” The two were said to be getting quite “flirty” together on set — and off the filming set as well.

It was Celeb Dirty Laundry that noted this week despite the divorce rumors circulating once again this Monday morning, this is certainly not the first time that the media has gotten wind of Julia Roberts reportedly having a rocky relationship with her husband Danny Moder or even cheating on him. As early as May, Star Magazine was asserting that there were problems in the celebrity couple’s 12-year marriage. The blame this time around was placed on Roberts’ overbearing personality and “tough, bossy nature.”

As cited by one of the magazine’s sources, Moder was sick of his wife’s life and tired of him trying to manipulate her. Even though they have three kids together, Star claimed Moder couldn’t handle the pressure, and made a not-so-surprising connection to the scandal surrounding the tragic suicide of Roberts’ half-sister. (News flared through the media earlier this 2014 after the “Pretty Woman” star’s half-sister came forward, saying that Roberts was bullying her.)

It is pretty common knowledge that Julia Roberts divorce allegations have been around from almost the onset of their marriage, though none before have come to any fruition. It might very well be that some tabloids are just trying to throw a cheating scandal and unfounded rumors into the couple’s stable relationship to make some publicity and drama. While we may have to wait and see, it seems at this point that neither Mark Ruffalo nor any flirting on the set of “The Normal Heart” pose any threat to Julia Roberts or her marriage.

R. Kelly’s son Jay: Transgender teen of singer opens up about his life

R. Kelly’s son Jay is opening up about being transgender via his ask.fm account. Hollywood Life shared the details about the 13-year-old’s revelations.

Jay was asked about his sexuality by one follower, and he was quite honest with his followers. R. Kelly’s son Jay was born a girl named Jaya. However, around age 6 or 7, Jaya started transitioning into identifying as male.

Now, Jay says, “I believe I am a boy and want surgery, and the medication to help me who I was supposed to be.” He says his family has been very supportive. Jay says his mom, Drea Kelly, said she loves him no matter what, and his family has moved to use male pronouns with him which he believes shows their acceptance and support.

Jay continued to respond openly and honestly to further questions on his ask.fm account. He said he hopes to make a full transition from female to male once he is 16. Rolling Out shares that Jay added that his brother and sister have known he is transgender for quite some time and they both have been supportive.

What about his father? R. Kelly’s son Jay indicates that he hasn’t spoken with his dad about it, and it seems he doesn’t have much of a relationship with him. Jay also shares that he’s battling depression, which is certainly a common challenge with transgender teens.

While many people still have harsh reactions to those within the transgender community, Jay’s friends, family and supporters are clearly there for him. Many applaud R. Kelly’s son Jay for being so willing to share his experience with people, and he seems quite brave in his openness and honesty.

SKA St. Petersburg Vs. CSKA Moscow Live Stream Online

The KHL play-offs get underway on Friday, while Russian hockey continues to come to terms with its Sochi Olympic failure. Not surprisingly, many of the storylines that are likely to dominate the coming weeks of competition have strong echoes of what we saw beside the Black Sea last month.

Rivalries in the KHL come in many categories. As the league is still young, many of the rivalries have carried over from the days of the Russian Superleague, while others are new and may disappear. Some are based on geography, while others are based on team names or organization that these teams belonged to back in the Soviet Union.

A continuation of the general rivalry between St. Petersburg and Moscow, this rivalry encompasses SKA against any of the moscow teams, although not the teams in Moscow Oblast. Every year, sports news outlets even calculate who the Moscow Champion is, based on games just between these three teams.

The regular season scoring stats make for intriguing reading – and seem to split the league into East and West. The top five point scorers all play in the east, and all represent either Metallurg Magnitogorsk or Barys Astana. It’s a similar story for the leaders in goals and assists, with only Sibir’s Jori Lehtera breaking the Magnitka-Barys stranglehold.

Ak Bars boasts the top goalie, Emil Garipov, and the top-scoring D-men almost all play in the east. Only SKA St. Petersburg’s Maxim Chudinov (+30, placing fourth for plus/minus) and CSKA Moscow’s Deron Quint (fifth among top-scoring defencemen with 28 points) challenge the Eastern dominance of the individual prizes.

Yet, as we saw in Sochi, individual greatness is rarely a match for solid team-work. Dynamo Moscow has demonstrated this in the past two seasons – and Oleg Znarok has led his team to the top of the regular season table without relying heavily on any individual star.

As of the second season of the KHL (2009-10), all the Moscow teams are in one Conference, making rivalry matches more common. Due to hockey being less popular than football and other sports in Moscow, teams based there usually suffer in attendance. Capital city derbies, however, are always attended far better than other games.

Even SKA, for whom Ilya Kovalchuk is arguably the biggest name in the league, has shared the points around – young Artemi Panarin has matched Kovi point for point throughout the season, Roman Cervenka is close on their heels. The final destiny of the Gagarin Cup looks set to be decided when the most reliable team players come head to head with the most dangerous individuals, and the outcome could well illuminate one of the underlying questions in contemporary Russian hockey.

The KHL play-offs start in the West on Friday. Defending champion Dynamo Moscow faces Lokomotiv Yaroslavl, SKA plays CSKA in an army derby and there are two cross-border encounters as Lev takes on Medvescak and Donbass welcomes Dinamo Riga.

On Saturday the Eastern Conference joins, with Metallurg Magnitogorsk facing Admiral, Barys playing Avtomobilist, Ak Bars taking on Sibir and Salavat Yulayev welcoming Torpedo. Each series is played until a team reaches four victories.

Former British reality TV star mimics Rihanna but says she’s hotter

Lauren Goodger, who used to star in the hit British reality TV show “The Only Way is Essex,” better be ready for Rihanna to come after her. As reported by the Daily Star on Tuesday, June 10, the former reality star took part in a photo shoot in which she recreated the singer’s look for the CFDA Awards.

Lauren clearly isn’t shy about showing off her body like the Barbadian singer, who famously wore a see-through and form-fitting sparkly dress to the high fashion event held in New York City in early June. The dress showed so much that her breasts and butt were basically on full display, forcing many publications to do some censoring. For her photo shoot, Lauren wore a similar see-through outfit, as well as covering up her hair with the same fabric just as the singer did.

Lauren wasn’t at all humble about her looks. Her caption for the photo that she posted on Twitter, in which she looks down and sideways while puckering up her lips, made sure to tell everyone that there was no airbrushing. In an interview with a magazine about the shoot, Lauren even said that she believes she looks better.

“Rihanna’s body is great, but I prefer bigger curves,” she said. She said that she loves her breasts and butt and that she would never want to be too skinny since there’s no sexiness to a body that just goes up and down.

While it’s good that Lauren Goodger, who has been very vocal about her past insecurities with her body, especially when she was surrounded by skinnier girls during her time on “The Only Way is Essex,” has high body confidence now, she may want to prepare herself for Rihanna’s response if she decides to take the time to do one.

After all, Rihanna has shown that she’s not afraid to get some revenge. After TLC’s Chilli and T-Boz reportedly made some comments that Rihanna shouldn’t be naked all the time, Rihanna posted on Twitter an old photo of the girl group posing topless. Chilli and T-Boz later said that they weren’t even talking about Rihanna and that her response was not cool.

Sea Isle City police arrest couple: Risky couple arrested for lewd act in surf

Sea Isle City police arrest a couple who played it risky by having sex in the surf over the weekend. This bizarre story of a Philadelphia couple going all the way out in the waves, were enjoying their time together, but they didn’t care who was watching them.

Chrisitan Post reports June 11 that the couple who were playing it dangerously showed off their affection for one another. Officers noticed the exhibition off the Sea Isle City beach. The couple involved was Matthew McPeak, 27, and Stephanie Wallington, 23. The two were arrested Sunday for lewdness, Philly.com reports.

The insane incident happened about 4 p.m. at 46th Street beach on Sunday, according to police. A crowd of people had grouped together and watched the spectacle unfolding.

Police ordered the couple out of the water, but it took Wallington a while to get out because she was struggling tying her bikini bottom. After that, officers arrested McPeak and Wallington, took them into custody, and released them on a summons.

A lot of couples face arrest for having sex in public. Sea Isle City citizens are probably a little peeved that this is the kind of news their community is making. It happens everywhere, however. It’s unclear if he Philadelphia couple arrested for having sex were into the thrill of “risk” in getting “caught.” It’s actually a fetish for some people.

When Sea Island City police, or any police, arrest a couple for this type of thing at the beach, it’s going to make news.

Ashsam dares Matteo Guidicelli to stop posting photos of Sarah Geronimo

Popsters and AshMatt shared their happiness when they saw several photos of Sarah Geronimo and Matteo Guidicelli circulating on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram these past few days. Those photos showing off the actor’s love and affection for his princess is still circulating online this morning, June 12, 2014, sadly, the hunk actor is receiving negative tweets from Ashsam because of the photos he and his friends posted.

According to Ashsam, the least thing that Matteo can do to protect his girlfriend from harsh judgment is to stop posting photos online. That is according to Ashsam, but if you ask popsters’ opinon regarding the circulation of the controversial pair’s photos, they will tell you that there is nothing wrong with it because that is their only way to know what their idols’ activities are.

After reading Ashsam’s tweet, popsters decided to tweet the hunk actor and told him to just ignore the issue, according to them; he has all the right to post or tweet because Sarah Geronimo is his girlfriend. Ashsam immediately responded and defended herself from popsters; she said she is just protecting the pop princess.

In one of the photos posted by Catherine Salonga, Matteo is seen cuddling Sarah Geronimo, but for some reasons, Catherine decided to protect her tweets. But while she is protecting her tweets to some observers who are following the pop princess’ career and love life, popsters are defending Matteo.

All of them agreed that with the help of Judy Ann Santos, Ryan Agoncillo, Ivan Carapiet and Catherine Salonga who chose to protect her tweets from outsiders; they became comfortable because they knew that their idols are very much in love and willing to defend themselves from bashers that could hinder their relationship. Incidentally, some observers are still saying that Sarah and Matteo should face their fans and supporters and come out on national TV to share what they have really right now.

Sarah Geronimo confirms relationship with Matteo Guidicelli through photos

Sarah Geronimo and Matteo Guidicelli are busy these days, in fact, the hunk actor was one of the guests/performers of the Supreme Court’s 113th Anniversary held this morning, June 11, 2014. For Sarah’s part, she is doing “The Voice Kids” aside from her regular appearance on “ASAP 19,” the longest-running musical variety show in the Philippines which airs on ABS-CBN every Sunday.

They are blessed with good projects this year, but those projects are not giving excitement to their fans and supporters because all they want to hear is their admission or revelation about their relationship and not their future movie and TV appearances. Undoubtedly, with the kind of photos that they have already shown to their fans and supporters these past few days through social media, Sarah Geronimo and Matteo Guidicelli, two of the hottest celebrities in the country today, are in a relationship.

A few days ago, while everyone was busy searching for an update about them, Mark Bautista, Sarah’s co-finalist in a singing competition on TV ten years ago, said the pop princess has already found the right person. After reading his statement on pep.ph, some netizens, especially popsters, took to their social media accounts and shared their opinion regarding the issue.

All of them agreed that Sarah Geronimo has finally found the right man for her, and according to them, that man is none other than Matteo Guidicelli because of the series of posts made by real life couple Judy Ann Santos and Ryan Agoncillo in their social media accounts. Aside from that, they have also mentioned Ivan Carapiet and Catherine Salonga, friends of Matteo who allegedly posted several photos of Sarah and Matteo on Twitter and Instagram.

When Ryan and Judy Ann posted their photos, popsters felt excited because they saw their idols dating, since then, they believed that the two will come out very soon to confirm their relationship. Unfortunately, their expected situation never happened, but when they saw the photos of Sarah and Matteo posted by Ivan and Catherine Salonga, popsters agreed that the confirmation on national TV is not necessary because the rumored couple has already confirmed their relationship using their photos.

In case you missed, you can visit Catherine Salonga’s Twitter account where you can see Matteo Guidicelli cuddling Sarah Geronimo in one of their photos that circulated online these past few days. So,if you are a fan or just an observer, some people advice you not to ask any question about the relationship of the hunk actor with the pop princess because they are confirmed lovers.